Here’s Why Canada Must Reject The UN Global Compact On Migration

Control over our borders and national sovereignty must never be surrendered or weakened.

An essential part of a nation-state is having control over borders and migration. A country must be able to clearly define its territory, and have control over who is allowed to enter that territory.

That means any attempt to shift control or authority over borders and migration is incompatible with a nation-state being sovereign.

It is also incompatible with democracy, because the national government is supposed to protect national sovereignty in the names of the citizens of the country that government serves. If that national sovereignty is given away to an international institution, then citizens lose out.

And that’s why the UN Global Compact on Migration is so dangerous.

As I reported previously, here’s what the head of the UN Antonio Guterres said about the compact:

“Authorities that erect major obstacles to migration – or place severe restrictions on migrants’ work opportunities – inflict needless economic self-harm.”

“They impose barriers to having their labor needs met in an orderly, legal fashion.”

“Worse still, they unintentionally encourage illegal migration.”

“The majority of migrants move across borders legally, but Guterres warned in his report that climate change and demographic trends will lead to a further spike in migration in the future.”

Guterres also called for ‘greater international cooperation’ on migration, which will be led of course by the United Nations.

I’ve noted how Guterres’ wording is all about undermining the sovereignty of individual countries. He is making it seem that open borders are somehow the only possibility, claiming that ‘barriers’ to migration (AKA Borders), will just encourage illegal migration. So, he’s saying that countries shouldn’t even try to enforce their borders, since people will just cross illegally anyway.

He also ignores how massive spikes in immigration can have a harmful impact on workers, by driving down the bargaining power of individual workers and lowering wages. It’s why massive global corporations want open borders.

And of course, under the Trudeau government, Canada is set to ‘lead the charge’ on the Global Compact:

Here’s what Ahmed Hussen said about it:

“The Compact’s goals are, after all, ambitious. The first is clear: to ease the pressure on countries that welcome and host large numbers of refugees, currently mainly in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. Frontline countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Uganda or Bangladesh have argued that the impact of hosting hundreds of thousands or even millions of refugees is significant, especially as it’s often after a sudden influx. They are right: distributing safe drinkable water, putting kids in schools or providing maternal health care to pregnant women are logistical and costly endeavours. These countries are unfairly being asked to carry the burden simply as a result of their geography as they nobly keep their borders open to those fleeing for their lives from neighbouring states.”

Notice how Hussen doesn’t mention Canada or Canadians in any of that?

Seems like he would rather work for the UN than work for Canada. But he’s getting the best of both worlds (in his mind), since he’s putting Canada in a position to work for the UN rather than work for Canadian Citizens.

The problem here is that decisions on immigration and refugees are supposed to be made by individual nations. While ‘global cooperation’ may sound nice, and certainly has its place on some issues (nuclear weapons, peace treaties, technology), when it comes to issues of borders and immigration, those decisions must be made only by national governments that are answerable to their citizens in free elections.

The UN is answerable to nobody, and if they try dictating Canada’s immigration levels, how could Canadians hold the UN accountable?

We couldn’t. And that’s the problem.

That lack of accountability is a big reason why multiple countries, including our closest ally the United States, alongside, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria have already rejected the Global Compact on Migration, with Poland likely to oppose it as well, with more surely set to follow.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Canada is a welcoming country, and we should welcome immigrants and refugees in a way that is beneficial for Canadian Citizens. However, that welcome must always be on our own terms, and must always be controlled by the Canadian People, not foreign institutions.

That’s why Canada must reject the UN Global Compact on Migration. We must never give up our sovereignty as a free and independent nation.

Spencer Fernando


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Canada as we see it is doomed


Canada is doomed

Don Taylor

the biggest mistake Canada has ever made was to elect the liberal party at the federal level, now Trudeau wants to take orders from the UN,Canadians should never give into this,we are a sovereign national country governed by its people ,NOT the UN

Alexander S. Romanchuk

Under the present outmoded political party system the Canadian government will EVER remove the right of illegals to enter Canada and live in the lap of luxury on the backs of about 68% of the Canadian work force. The CPCs have not indicated that they would CLOSE our borders to these people. And let us not forget that as long as Ontario and Quebec hold the BALANCE OF POWER over the rest of Canada, this country will become (has become) the hotbed of divisiveness the likes of which I have never see in all my 82 years on this evil… Read more »

Jill Ward

Thank you. Well said.

Ralph Knapp

Canada’s immigration policies are among the most generous in the world. However, many Canadians believe we are far too generous with immigration and should, in fact, tighten our requirements. Therefore, the response to the U.N. should be, “No Thanks!”


Typically Canadian response that has to change. “No thanks” should be “get stuffed”.

michael foucault

So how do we go about rejecting something we have no say in ? Is there a referendum on this ? I’m getting very tired of having crap rammed down my throat.

Beverley Campbell

My opinion exactly, who gets to decide this? Is there NO ONE speaking for Joe Average in Ottawa?

Mark Holmes

Then Michael, maybe you should bend over and take it up the hoop like the rest of us.

Major Tom

Canada……the Judas Goat for the United Nations!


Well I hate to be pessimist, but when it comes to the isis embracing, pro shariah trudeau, there are never any pro-Canada policies made. At least not from where I sit. So, I will eat my words if our self proclaimed feminist & global citizen PM rejects the UN Global Compact On Migration. As usual just my 2 cents.


I’d have to think Canada gave up control over its borders and sovereignty when it elected that treasonous twat Trudeau. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to watch and read the news and see the damage heaped upon Canada by an arrogant weasel who shows nothing but contempt for us – the very people he is supposed to be serving. Every action that slimy pos takes is against Canada and serves to weaken us. Trudeau, and most if not all of the LPC, should be in Gitmo being fed a special daily sandwich – think Harold and Kumar.

shawn harris

Canada need strong, reliable, competent , decisive leadership, that protects and defends our sovereignty and our existential right to be defined as a nation, with permanent borders. Not the type of deceitful leadership, now being practiced by Trudeau, who willing stands aside and follows the whims and orders of both the UN and his far left socialist ideals. For any nation worthy of being called a nation by its fellow nations, that wilfully and deliberately chooses not to defend its sovereignty and borders, will soon find itself defeated by its enemies. And that is exactly the trap that Trudeau is… Read more »

Mike Allan

I agree and I’m most are in favour,pls give us a starting point since trudope has a majority government with no mind mp’s.


I don’t agree with the immigration of more migrants coming to Canada since many of us Canadian taxpayers can not afford it. But with idiot Trudeau being in charge we have no say. I can’t wait to vote Trudeau and his pathetic leadership out 2019!

Moe. S.

Well stated Spencer! In addition, this U.N. Compact Migration Treaty is NOT legally binding, however, it does expect Canada’s gov’t to pay ALL the expenses required to ‘resettle’ the migrants. This treaty is NOT costed.
These U.N. Globalists, including Trudeau, believe the concerns of one country should not outweigh the concerns of other nations. They believe everyone can be moved, mass migration, out of countries not doing so well. The Immigration Board of Canada stated by 2021 there will be approx. 192,000 illegal migrants to process. The wait time for a hearing…ELEVEN YEARS!


For the past 2 years we have witnessed fierce criticism against Trump in the US trying to protect there southern border from illegal migrants. In the past year we have witnessed our own illegal entry into Canada by migrants crossing both in Quebec and in the West. Despite this illegal entry the Trudeau Liberals defend these criminals as people who break Canadian law are criminals. Trudeau is a puppet to the UN which in my opinion should be defunded and disbanned as they are destroying the world with there policies re forced immigration. One only has to look at Germany… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Justin holds absolutely no loyalty or care for the people of Canada. Justin throws open the borders allowing anyone from anywhere to walk in unimpeded, so they can disappear into cracks across the country. Justin invited crime and problems for Canadians with no regard for safety of our society. Justin’s lips are firmly planted on the butt cheeks of the UN no matter the consequences for Canadians. Disloyal traitor!!!

Percy Bauri

Canada Should close it’s borders to all refugees/migrants. Only legal immigration should be considered at all times to those who qualify. Ilegal migrants and refugees are mostly for economic pupose and to benfit Canada’s generous welfare system and medical beneifits. At the same time these migrants and refugees should stop having 4 to babies to benefits from Canada generous baby bonous.


fred Dimmick

We need to opt out of the UN it is a body dedicated to universal poverty.

Kenneth Oblak

And where is the CPC on this issue? We have as ciitizens sat back and watched as m-103 MADE IT INTO LEGISLATION AND PASSED, BOTH THE HOC and the Senate. Why is Scheer not screaming from the rooftops on these important matters? A great Leader should be standing up and doing everyting in his power to put the kibosh to these evil plans. Call for a general strike. Or a tax revolt and shut the gov. down.Scheer is reminding me of Neville Chanberlain. As citizens we can all stop funding these parties when they call up beging for their $25… Read more »

Mike Allan

Anyone giving a donation to trudope’ libtard cohorts should be Jailed.


That feeling in your guts is freedom evaporating.

Beverley Campbell

Do you really think that this witless moron is going to reject the dreadful possibility of open borders?


Welcome to the New Age, equal poverty for all. (Except for the elites everywhere.)

Don Taylor

If you love Canada we can NOT give our rights to control our borders to the UN or any body and if Trudeau tries that he is a traitor to Canada

pancake rachel corrie

canada died today , justin trudeau just bought off all the media in canada for 500 million inorder to push through the un global compact on migration which will destroy canadian sovereignty and flood canada with 70 million unvetted “refugees”