POLL: UCP Leads NDP In Alberta, Have More Potential Supporters

If election were held today, Abacus Data poll shows United Conservative Party would win a majority government.

A new poll by Abacus Data shows the United Conservative Party holding a strong lead over the NDP in Alberta, putting Jason Kenney on track to become Premier with a majority government.

Here are the key numbers:

UCP – 48%, NDP – 33%, Liberal – 8%, Alberta Party – 8%.

The poll notes the NDP is 7 points below their 2015 results in the election, while the UCP is 3 points above the hypothetical combination of the Wildrose & PC votes in that campaign.

The UCP leads among all age groups, with a small 5 point lead among those 45 years and under, while leading by 24 points among those above age 45.

The UCP leads by 17 points among men, and by 13 points among women.

There is a noticeable gap in terms of high school, college, and university in terms of poll results. Among those who who completed high school or less, the UCP leads the NDP 50-27. Among those with a college education, the UCP leads the NDP 52-31. Meanwhile, among those with a university education, the UCP and NDP are tied at 42%. This is unsurprising, since large parts of some universities have been increasingly functioning as far-left indoctrination centres, creating a fertile ground for socialist parties.

When it comes to the regional breakdown, the NDP leads only in Edmonton, where they have 43% to the UCPs 35%. The UCP leads by 21 points in Calgary, and by 42 points outside of both Calgary and Edmonton. In urban areas, the UCP lead by 4 points, while leading by 18 points and 44 points in suburban and rural areas respectively.

And there’s more good news for the UCP, as they have the largest potential to increase their support. 57% of Albertans say they would consider voting UCP, while 43% would not consider it. By contrast, 44% would consider voting NDP, while 56% would not consider it, leaving the UCP with the largest potential support base.

Spencer Fernando

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Go Jason Kenney Conservatives, we need Canada back and prosperous. It looks like Universities are for the easily brainwashed and not to be educated, Canada needs them back as well.


NDP – 33% how is that even possible, Really with all the Harm the NDP has done and 1/3 of population still supports them!!! Insane!!!

Ken (Kulak)

Simple. Media complicity.

Sewer Rat

I’m thinking they most likely polled universities. They love dumbing down students in those places these days.


What they see as sure voters, similar to when they got in, include the following: 1. Union members in Edmonton and Ft. McMurray (with its higher blue collar job base). Calgary (with its higher white collar job base), not so much. 2. Civil servants, as a lot of people work in health care and education. This explains the NDP’s inability to control spending, and Joe Ceci’s vote buying gap toothed grin, proclaiming, “We won’t touch the services Albertans hold dear”, no matter how much debt they incur. Alberta doesn’t even really need 94 hospitals: they could close some of the… Read more »


I might be greedy,BUT, it would be great to see that ndp % plummet as we get get closer to the election.

shawn harris

If these polling numbers hold true until election day, the orange wave of 2015 will become the orange dribble of 2019. Notely must be congratulated for at least one thing, proving that she and her government were never fit to govern Alberta and that socialism is once again proven to be the fraud it has always been. Jason Kenny has shown his skills, not just at creating a new political party, but also by uniting a province under his leadership , while in opposition, thus confirming why he should be the next premier of Alberta. Canada needs more Conservative leaders… Read more »


Those poll results sure speak volumes about the state of Universities. How could anyone in their right mind vote for the NDP after the absolute devastation they have wrought in Alberta. Unbelievable.

Ken (Kulak)

This educational Marxist brainwashing has been going for decades and is starting to show up in the polls.


How in God’s name can 1 in 3 Albertans be in support of NDP socialism? 16% Liberal Progressives? They have combined to almost destroy the province in 3 short years! This is horrific!

Gonzo the Magnificent

Yeah Spencer, regarding your comment on leftist influence on universities in Alberta: book smart and brain dead!