Sign The Petition Calling On Canada To Reject The UN ‘Global Compact On Migration’

Over 10,000 have already signed.

As I wrote earlier, the UN Global Compact on Migration is totally incompatible with Canada being a sovereign country with control over our immigration system and national borders.

And those concerns are shared by many people across our country, which is why a petition against the Global Compact already has over 10,000 signatures.

Here’s the text of the petition, which is sponsored in the House of Commons by Maxime Bernier:


  • The Government of Canada has a duty to ensure the rights and wellbeing of Canadians;
  • The maintenance of our borders and limited merit-based immigration are essential to our rights and wellbeing;
  • Polls consistently have shown the majority of Canadians reject illegal border crossing and subordination of our citizens’ needs to those of illegal aliens; and
  • Several of our allies notably the United States of America, Poland, Hungary and Austria have withdrawn from the United Nations’ global migration pact citing its threats to their sovereignty, peace, order and good governance.

We, the undersigned, Canadians, call upon the Government of Canada to likewise withdraw from the Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

I have signed the petition, and I encourage you to sign it as well. Even if the Trudeau Liberals plan to arrogantly ignore the will of the people, it’s still essential for us to make our voices heard. After all, as difficult as it can be, our best hope for change in Canada still comes through the democratic process, and making our views known is a key part of that.

A link to the petition is below:


Spencer Fernando


You can support by becoming a monthly contributor through Patreon or by contributing through PayPal at the button below:

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Signed. Shared. Thank you.


Having the UN decide on how many migrants Canada should take in is stupid. Canada needs to control its own borders not others.


Bull Crap

Valerie Clark
shawn harris

We can’t allow Trudeau to sell out Canada and Canadians, just to satisfy his socialist communist beliefs. Trudeau is a traitor to everything Canada was founded upon and stands for. He must be stopped.

Eric Blair

Just heard Maxime give a keynote speech at The Rebel’s meeting in Calgary. Great stuff. During the breaks we had, I asked people if they ever heard of Spencer Fernando and none of the ones I ask had heard of you. I passed on your name to them as told them that you were worth listening too. Spencer you give a slightly different perspective to the Rebel which is why I like reading your articles. However, you need to get better known. People are definitely wanting to read something other than what is pumped out by the CBC, CTV and… Read more »


I am a big fan of your articles, and post them often. I know the Jill Colten, and Max Bernier also are fans. In my humble opinion if those people are not aware of who you are they are not looking for information. You are on top of everything.

Tap Sum Bong

Cpt #Peoplekind is a fool …. a dangerous fool. Canadians need to show Trudeau and his globalist policies, the door.


More Countries need to delete the UN’s tyranny plot to run our Countries!!!
They have done nothing but ruin the Canadian economy, the Globalist should all go live in China or Asia just leave Canada!!! We don’t need other countries to dictate their wants and needs, concerning our resources.
WE need to protect our resources for our own people well being, by not send Billions of dollars to other countries that abuse their own people!!! The UN is corrupt