Lest We Forget

To truly honour those who died for our freedom, we must ensure our country is protected.

On Remembrance Day, as Canadians honoured the sacrifice of those who fought and died for our freedom, we rightfully looked to the past.

After all, without the sacrifices of those who put their lives on the line for future generations, our country would not be free, and wouldn’t even exist.

Their sacrifice in the past made our today possible.

With that in mind however, it is also important to recognize that truly honouring the sacrifices made in the past requires ensuring that our country remains free.

And that requires Canada having a strong military, something we currently lack.

All aspects of our armed forces are depleted and underfunded, from our ground forces, air force, and navy. We have no real control over our northern territory – which is being encroached upon by more powerful nations.

Our men and women in uniform are forced to use substandard equipment, and our procurement process is a total failure, adding up to endless delays, low-quality implements, and huge price overruns.

Right now, Canada lacks the ability to truly defend ourselves, and are forced to rely on the United States and the United Nations for the protection of our own territory if things were to really go bad.

That is an insult to the legacy of those who fought and died for Canada. They didn’t’ sacrifice just for Canada to basically abandon our military and leave our country defenseless. If we want ‘Lest We Forget’ to truly have meaning, then we must strengthen our armed forces and ensure that the country we love is safe and secure.

Spencer Fernando