Cowardly: Bombardier CEO Didn’t Have The Guts To Attend Meeting After Cutting 3000 Jobs In Canada

And he’s not talking to the media either. But he’ll sure keep taking that bailout money.

Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare was a portrait of cowardice following the announcement that frequently bailed-out company is cutting 3000 jobs in Canada.

2500 of those jobs are in Quebec, and the company recently held a meeting to discuss the fallout.

Yet, despite being the CEO, Bellemare skipped the meeting, not even having the guts to deal with things in person.

Many of us have seen those videos where the boss of a company will gather employees on the factory floor, and announce that there are going to be big job losses. Those videos are tough to watch, as people are losing their livelihoods and being pushed into a serious financial struggles. And while we never really sympathize with the boss in that situation, at least the head of the company has the respect to announce it in person and take the heat in person.

But by skipping the meeting, Bellemare failed to even meet that standard.

Bellemare has also reportedly “avoided any interviews” since announcing the slashing of jobs.

Of course, what makes this all the more outrageous is that Bellemare and Bombardier certainly showed up to cash those bailout cheques we all paid for.

Bombardier has repeatedly failed to compete in the free market, and demanded all the benefits (to them) of nationalization (an endless supply of taxpayer money and staying alive despite constant failure), while taking none of the drawbacks. They kept paying their CEOs big bonuses, and kept pushing jobs out of Canada.

The least Bellemare could have done is show up to the meeting to take the heat in person, and be answerable for the actions of the company. If he can’t even do that, why does he feel entitled to our tax dollars every time his company fails?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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I was heading from Nova Scotia by car to Ontario about 15 years ago and pulled into Quebec city, got lost and asked a guy at a service station for directions. His reply was “if you are going West I will tell you, if you are going East I will not as there is nothing East of Quebec.” Even Canada , that four square miles inside Ottawa does not know we are here. Best kept secret.

.Peter black

This is a red flag that bankruptcy is approaching. They are selling off assets to pay their bonuses. You watch. If trudope bails them he loses in Nov

Don Taylor

“Trudeau”is the one that used our money to bail out bombardier,I hope people remember what this FOOL does and keeps on doing

alan skelhorne

he sounds like the giver of money,however, both are cowards.


Wait for it taxpayers….here it comes again. Bombardier’s Executive Bonus season is just a few months away. Trudeau will toss a billion their way. Hell, sunnyways never stop in the Bombardier boardroom.

William Roberts

Embraer is laughing all the way to the bank with Canadians tax money. This is just another example to Government sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Many people said if Bombardier can’t make it on its own merits then let it fail.They should have at least had a clause protecting the workers/voters and the money if Bombardier ever decided to fire its Canadian/Quebec employees. Talk about sucked in.Nicely done Drama Boy.Another six hundred and fifty million down the drain.


Nationalization ok @ the corporate level so the taxpayer cann bail them out…..major stockholders..and one world dilution for the individual taxpayer can you see the agenda.justine is pushing for his puppetmasters?