CRAZY: Man Who Lost Canadian PR Status After Convictions For Break & Enter, Theft, & Drug Trafficking SUES Canada For $65 MILLION

Claims his Charter rights were violated.

There’s yet another example of someone who took advantage of Canada’s generosity and committed crimes now suing our country.

According a recent report, “Prosper Niyonzima, 36, originally from Burundi, became a permanent resident of Canada in 1995 after three of his siblings and his parents were murdered in the Rwandan genocide. He lost that status after he was convicted of a string of crimes, including break and enter, theft and drug trafficking. He was placed in immigration detention in 2012 as he waited to be deported.”

He spent four years in immigration detention, yet still hasn’t been deported. In fact, the government released him from detention on a temporary resident permit.

Now, he’s suing the Canadian government for a whopping $65 million, which includes $50 million in ‘general damages,’ and $15 million in ‘aggravated damages,’ claiming the government violated his rights.

He says he spent two years in solitary confinement, and was denied ‘proper’ treatment.

Of course, this is all completely insane. There’s no doubt that Niyonzima suffered, and it’s tragic what happened to his family, but there are many people in Canada who – either here at home or in their previous country – witnessed horrible things and suffered horrible things, yet didn’t go on to commit crimes.

It seems Niyonzima was clearly watching when the Trudeau Liberals gave $10.5 million to Omar Khadr. He sees a chance for a big payday, after having shown no real appreciation for the fact that Canada took him in during his time of need, and seemingly no understanding that he blew his chance to stay in the country by committing multiple crimes.

If Niyonzima wins his case, we can officially declare that things are 100% upside down, as it would confirm that law-abiding Canadian taxpayers are treated like suckers by the Trudeau government, while those who break our laws get benefits at our expense.

Spencer Fernando


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Dave Bainard

Time for a deportation express line.

Don Taylor

the Trudeau Liberal govt treats Canadians like suckers every day,so that is not new

D Me

Just wait for it…our idiot prime minister will give some tearful apology and a big fat cheque. Based upon past behaviour we know these are his kind of people.

Norbert Kausen

He is NOT a Canadian…. he has NO rights!!!

don morris

Anyone whose feet touch Canadian soil has exactly the same rights as a Canadian born person,thanks to Trudeau’s Great Blessed Charter, and confirmation of that fact by Beverley Mclachlin and the Supreme Court of Canader.


Ask for $65 million; settle for $10.5 million. Or do we need to factor in inflation?


I sure hope he doesn’t get it.

don morris

I call on the government of Canada to give Mr. Niyonzima a lowball offer,try $8 million and see if he’ll take it. It will probably save us money in the long run.


Are you nuts. Deport the SOB


Trudeau’s nominee for Minister of Finance…no doubt!

shawn harris

Prosper Niyonzima is just the latest example of what happens when common sense, and the undermining of our morals and values by socialist ideology. It leads to criminals believing that they should be compensated for their crimes and times behind bars. The standard was set by Trudeau and him alone, even the courts only said that Omar Khadr must be brought home, the courts didn’t say pay him $10.5 million. The amount of compensation rested upon Omar Khadr winning his case. Now that the door is wide open for every single criminal to try and sue the federal government for… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

I think his first name – Prosper – was very prophetic if in fact he gets even a fraction of his lawsuit.