REPORT: Head Of CSIS Has Heard Tape Of Saudis Killing Khashoggi

Another reminder of why Canada shouldn’t sell weapons to the Saudi regime or buy Saudi oil.

CSIS says that their director – David Vigneault – “has listened to the audio tapes in question,” regarding tapes of journalist Jamal Khashoggi being killed by the Saudis.

Khashoggi – a frequent critic of the Saudi regime – was killed at the Saudi Consulate in Turkey.

The Saudis had tried to dodge responsibility by first dressing up someone who didn’t look much like Khashoggi in Khashoggi’s clothes and claiming he left the Consulate, then claiming that they didn’t know where he was, then claiming that rogue agents committed the crime, and then admitting more responsibility by firing some officials – while still distancing Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman from any connection to it.

It is believed that Khashoggi was possibly dismembered while still alive. It is also believed his body was then dissolved in acid.

While Khashoggi was certainly no saint, his brutal death at the hand of the Saudi regime is just the latest example of why we shouldn’t be buying Saudi oil, and shouldn’t be selling them weapons. So, while Canadian politicians will inevitably condemn the Saudis, those words are meaningless unless they take real action.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Yep, and who doesn’t know that this stuff happens all the time in the Middle East. We in the West are sheltered from this kind of barbarianism! This guy belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood! Canada needs to worry more about it’s relationship with Iran who is a enemy of both the US and Israel. Saudi Arabia at least today, stands with Israel. Why? Because they are concerned about their Muslim enemy, Iran moving into Syria which is not only a threat to Israel but a threat to the Saudis as well. Israelis do not balk at these kinds of Killings… Read more »