Trudeau Government Still Wants ‘Free Trade’ With Communist China

There can be no real free trade with a Communist State full of government-controlled predatory corporations.

Despite the clear danger to Canadian workers and consumers, the Trudeau government is still pushing for ‘free trade’ with Communist China.

According to the CP, International Trade Minister Jim Carr “says while Canada is in talks with China on a number of fronts, he insists efforts to promote deals involving individual sectors would not preclude the opportunity for a wide-ranging trade agreement between the two countries. Carr says China’s interest in so many Canadian products could ultimately lead to a comprehensive trade agreement.”

Amazingly, Carr appears to be falling for China’s rhetoric on free trade:

“Carr said Canada and China also discussed a recent meeting on World Trade Organization reform, hosted in Ottawa without either the U.S. or China. China understands the need to hold an initial meeting without them, Carr said. “The Chinese are absolutely committed to a world system that’s rules-based, and I thought that’s also very positive.”

The problem here is that China’s pattern has become so obvious that everybody should be able to see through it. China publicly talks like they support ‘rules’ and ‘free trade,’ but then impose extremely protectionist measures at home, restricting foreign investment and demanding intellectual property transfers.

It’s such a consistent pattern that Carr has to be willingly trying not to see it.

The Trudeau government’s obsession with a ‘free trade’ deal with the Communist State is disturbing. China has already said that part of any ‘free trade’ deal would include being able to send workers to Canada – almost certainly at far lower wages than are normally paid here.

Canada would also become vulnerable to China’s tactic of flooding markets with cheap products through state-owned companies that can afford to take losses in order to destroy competition in other countries.

We must not let that happen. There can be no true ‘free trade’ with a nation ruled by a Communist Party, where all companies are under the control of that party, and do the bidding of the Communist State.

So long as China is ruled by the Communist Party, Canada should NEVER sign a free trade deal with that country.

Spencer Fernando

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Eric Blair

I thought that we already have free trade with China. Just about all the merchandize in low end stores, mid range stores and even some high end stores are made in China. Hardly anything is made in Canada these days. To make matter worse, the Canadian government(s) invest in improving port operations which is sold to Canadians as help us ship our (raw) products more efficiently. It also helps Chinese products costs as shipping is less costly with improved port operations. A fellow I me,t who operated those big cranes used to on-load and off-load containers, told me containers being… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau is a complete and utter IDIOT!!! He continues to push for more and more TREASON against Canada and Canadians! He repeatedly alienates us from our allies and partners and comletely endangers Canada and our VERY sovereignty with his ill cnceived, vile and delusional conccept of free trade with China! There is no such thing as “free” trade with China! They will try to take us over! They ARE the enemy!!! It is my contention that Trudeau has committed breach of ethics and broken conflict of interest laws, when he had those Chinese “millionaires” to dinner and they paid the… Read more »

Moe. S.

Again Trudeau’s ignorance and naivete effectively aiding, abetting and enabling the Communist Party of China. The U.K., Australia, and the U.S. banned China’s gov’t backed telecommunications giants Huawei and ZTE for using these companies as a conduit for stealing intellectual property, i.e., passwords and network access codes to enable Chinese intelligence to exploit foreign communication networks. The U.S. has repeatedly warned Trudeau as such to no avail. Trudeau has been mute on the issue. Credit to China’s President Xi Jinping for spotting a ‘useful idiot’ when he sees one. Pres. Xi Jinping recently passed a National Intelligence Law. It requires… Read more »

alan skelhorne

i do believe there is something wrong with this article, how many items that we buy, are already made in china, there must be more millions flowing into justinas trust fun.

shawn harris

Trudeau has learned nothing from his last failure with free trade and China. Even with other countries, the USA in particular, complaining about China’s theft of intellectual property, trade imbalances,very restrictive policies about investments and trade,and dumping of products at very low prices in other countries. Yet Trudeau doesn’t want to believe that he will be for certain be on the losing end of any trade deal made with China. Free trade is supposed to be about equal access to each other’s markets, goods and services, yet China is the very opposite of that definition of free trade. It boggles… Read more »


Other than raw resources such as oil, CNG, fertilizer, coal and raw logs, there isn’t much that China wants from Canada other than senior’s housing companies as a place to dump their old people and Communist Chinese workers. China won’t even take our recycled plastics now, forcing Canadians to throw it in the landfills. New Brunswick stockpiles it and Britain is filling huge war time airfields. In a bizarre train of thought – Help barbie and Trudeau in their insane push to clean the air in the whole world by buying stuff Made in China. Making anything in Canada creates… Read more »

Brian Dougan

A little hyperbole here: Canada has become a”post sovereign” nation. Thank you Trudope; you stupid; smarmy clown.