As Islamists In Pakistan Call For Beheading Of Christian Woman Asia Bibi, Bernier Rightfully Calls It “Barbarism”

The purveyors of political correctness will panic, but we must call things what they are, and marching for the beheading of someone for ‘blasphemy’ is unmistakably barbaric.

What word would you use for a mob of people protesting in favour of beheading an innocent women, for the supposed ‘crime’ of ‘blasphemy’ against Islam?

‘Barbaric’ probably springs to mind, and that makes sense.

It is totally barbaric.

And yet, much of the Canadian political class seems too afraid to use that word, and are unwilling to contrast that barbarism with the freedom we cherish in Canada.

Any objective, balanced, and fair-minded look has to acknowledge that there is a vast gulf between the idea we cherish in Canada of free expression, and what we see in many parts of the world, including among the mob in Pakistan calling for the beheading of Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi.

The video of that mob can be seen below:

“VIDEO: Thousands of supporters of Islamist parties take to the streets of Karachi to protest Asia Bibi’s acquittal and call for her beheading. Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman who spent eight years on death row for blasphemy was freed from jail”

On Twitter, Maxime Bernier rightfully called it ‘barbarism.’

“Radical multiculturalism is the misguided belief that all values and cultures can coexist in one society.

They cannot.

We must protect our society against this kind of barbarism.”

It’s simply a fact. The attitudes of those who want a woman beheaded for ‘blasphemy’ are not compatible with Canada being a free society. And of course, many people in Pakistan embrace freedom, and many people from Pakistan come to Canada and embrace Canadian values.

Yet, rather than stand up for those in Canada and around the world who embrace freedom, the elites try to demonize anyone who has the guts to actually condemn barbarism, somehow acting as if avoiding acknowledging some of the horrendous attitudes that exist in the world, will somehow make those ideas magically go away.

But as we can see in the video above, those barbaric attitudes still retain immense power, and the Islamists aren’t going away anytime soon.

For Canada to remain free, we must have the courage to defend our values, and also make clear what is not acceptable in this country. We must call barbarism what it is, and make certain that it has ZERO room to grow or spread in Canada.

Asia Bibi – who is a legitimate refugee fleeing actual danger and oppression – should be given asylum in Canada, and more leaders should have the guts to do what Bernier did and call out barbarism instead of bowing down to political correctness.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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For Decades now…Canadian politicians and the West, having been trying to impose their political correctness on the world which has only inflamed more hatred of trying to change other countries to the US model. Do NOT go to another country and try to impose your human rights propaganda. How has regime change worked out?
Not well at all.


But Joe it is ok for they to come to Canada and impose their non christiam beliefs on us.

Elizabeth Thorne

Under Shari’ah law, blasphemy laws, including imprisonment or execution, may be imposed on critics of Islam or Mohammed . #:186, 33:57-61, 9:61-66, 9:73


The pro- shariah Bill M-103 is just the beginning for Canada if Mr. Dress-up keeps getting elected.

Moe. S.

What, no tweet from Minister Freeland about this woman’s human rights and treatment by the Pakistani gov’t.
Where’s the insufferable moral arrogant Prime Mistake Trudeau on this barbarism? Appears to be a non-human rights issue when it involves China or in this case Pakistan. Yet when Saudi Arabia imprisons women it’s a BIG human rights issue for Trudeau and Freeland. Hypocrites.

Elizabeth Thorne

It is hard for anyone to believe anyone would tolerate beheading in 2018. Shari’ah law is not normal behaviour. Politicians NEED to stand up and be counted, Bernier is right. There is no room for any tolerance to such crazy law.

S Willis

I like Maxime Bernier more with each passing day. I have of course read his platform and I am watching him closely and so far I am greatly impressed. It is so foreign to hear a leader relying on common sense and speaking the truth and not acquiescing to political correctness that I can hardly believe my ears.

Ivan Hawkes

I am Canadian, I am human, I am civilized, I am decent , I am compassionate toward my fellow humans, and I realize following some ancient guys outlook of utter disrespect for human life and his unreasonable ridiculous self righteous arrogance is not anywhere near something I would just blindly follow. Call his commandments a religion, call it an ideology, I couldn’t care less… it’s ridiculous. NO ONE should be so self righteous as to think they should behead another person because of some ancient guy said they could. Such thinking IS BARBARIC. I am unable to feel any respect… Read more »