Even More Job Cuts Could Be Coming At Bailout-Hungry Bombardier

Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare – who took our taxpayer money for bailouts and doled out big bonuses to his fellow failed executives – says “we are going to keep leaning out this business.”

The disgusting behaviour at Bombardier, where repeatedly bailed-out executives took taxpayer money from Canadians, cut jobs in Canada, sold off parts of the company to foreign corporations, and then paid themselves massive bonuses, may not be at an end.

In fact, Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare has seemingly raised the possibility of even more job cuts while speaking to investors.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, here’s what Bellemare said:

“Yes, it is tough. And yes, many people do not like this. But the fact is we want to go and be a world-class organization, and we want to be at benchmark everywhere when it comes to revenue per employees,” chief executive Alain Bellemare told an investor conference in Toronto on Tuesday. “We are going to keep leaning out this business.”

“Leaning out the business”…

That’s certainly appears to be a prelude to more job cuts, as cutting 3000 jobs in Canada perhaps wasn’t enough for him or the bailed-out Bombardier board.

It’s ‘interesting’ to note how Bellemare had time for investors, but skipped a meeting of industry and union reps that had been called after the job cuts were announced. Talk about priorities…

As we’ve seen before, the sense of entitlement at the Bombardier board is sickening. They feel entitled to our tax dollars, while cutting Canadian jobs, making the company less Canadian, and giving themselves massive bonuses as a ‘reward’ for continued failure.

If the world was fair, Bellemare and the other Bombardier execs would be the ones losing their jobs. But as we know, the world isn’t fair at all.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau has to be held responsible for his endless welfare cheques to Bombadeer. 3000+ jobs are history in spite of billions in bailouts. How are the Liberals and Liberal Party members going to replace that money? $10,000 Liberal Party memberships would be a start, added to cutting all caucus wages, benefits and pensions to zero.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I wouldn’t be too quick blaming just Trudeau as we have no real free market political parties except perhaps Max Bernier’s. Politics always trumps good decisions when government is involved.

David Henley

For years the Canadian government has given money to this company while mismanagement continues. The same with Air Canada, CBC and other pet projects where mismanagement has occurred. Money given in bale outs should have the management of these companies replaced in order to receive any money.