FAIL: Used Norwegian Icebreakers Being Bought By Trudeau Government Going $217 Million Over Budget

What a surprise…

The combination of the Trudeau government’s incompetence and Canada’s horrific procurement program has resulted in yet another failure.

The government is purchasing 3 used icebreakers from Norway, which were supposed to cost $610 million.

But now, the government says it will be $217 million over budget, a 30% cost overrun.

While the federal government blamed external circumstances like tariffs, expert Rob Huebert said it’s really a result of long-term government neglect.

According to the CP, “He pointed to the fact the national shipbuilding strategy only includes plans to build one new heavy icebreaker as proof. Canada’s 15 existing ships, of various sizes, are on average more than 35 years old and nearing the ends of their life expectancies. Coast guard officials admitted last month that they expect to use the Davie-supplied ships for the next 15 to 20 years.

“There’s just a lack of planning and it’s all ad hoc,” Huebert said of replacing the coast guard’s existing fleet. “We haven’t built a bloody coast guard icebreaker since the 1980s and government keeps giving it industry’s castoffs.”

This is similar to the purchase of used F-18s from Australia, which has also gone over-budget and is a low quality purchase.

When it comes to our security, and our ability to take care of our own territory, the government constantly treats it as an afterthought, and handles it incompetently. As a result, we get the worst of both worlds: We pay too much and get too little.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube