TRANSPARENCY: Ford Government To Show Taxpayers How Much Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Takes Away From Them

Trudeau is trying to hide the cost of the carbon tax, but the Ford Government in Ontario is fighting back.

The Ford government is planning to provide transparency for taxpayers by showing exactly how much the Trudeau carbon tax is adding to things like home heating and gas prices.

That’s according to a new report from the Globe & Mail, which also notes that the Ford government will express support for bringing back the Energy East Pipeline project:

“The document will detail the province’s fiscal situation for the first time since the Progressive Conservative government took office in June. Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli will announce the province’s plans in a Thursday speech to the legislature, which includes a focus on exposing the cost of the federal Liberal government’s carbon tax on consumers.”

And Ford is going to show strong support for Canada’s energy industry, at a time when the industry desperately needs it.

According to the report, the Ford Government plans “to relinquish any veto and officially put Ontario behind any effort to build a pipeline from western Canada to Eastern Canada. The official said the issue has come up in Mr. Ford’s conversations with his provincial counterparts to explore the notion of resurrecting Energy East.”

These are two big moves by Ford.

He’s doing what the Trudeau government failed to do, by turning promises of ‘transparency’ into reality by showing taxpayers exactly what the carbon tax will cost.

And he’s standing with the Canadian energy industry, showing that supporting Canadian Oil is something that should unite Canadians across the country, instead of dividing us into West vs East like Trudeau is trying to do.

Ford continues to show strong leadership, both as a leader in Ontario, and as an important leader on the national stage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube