Trudeau Said He Supported Press Freedom, Then The Press Was Banned From Attending Morneau’s Speech In China

They’re trying to claim it was a ‘misunderstanding.’ Sure it was…

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have been yet again exposed as total hypocrites.

Just a day after Trudeau made a big deal of expressing his support – in words only of course – for the freedom of the press, the media was banned from attending a speech by Bill Morneau in Beijing.

The event was hosted by the Canada China Business Council, an elitist organization seeking to get Canada to sign a ‘free trade’ deal with China, which would be a big boost for global corporations, but devastating for Canadian workers.

According to a CBC report, “Journalists were barred from listening to Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s speech Monday because “the Chinese officials speaking at the dinner have asked that it not be open to media,” said Sarah Kutulakos, executive director of the Canada China Business Council (CCBC), the host organization for the event. Morneau was in China to launch talks aimed at increasing bilateral trade with Canada. Along with Trade Diversification Minister Jim Carr, Morneau spent the morning meeting with high-level Chinese government officials.”

Kutalakos later called the whole thing a “misunderstanding.”

However, the report notes that “Canadian government and embassy representatives were also aware that media outlets were to be kept out of the dinner.”

So, the Trudeau government knew that the media was being banned, and didn’t stand up for the free press, and didn’t demand that the press be allowed to attend as a condition for holding the event.

And it was just a day after Trudeau got big headlines for his ‘defence’ of the press.

This is appalling, and it’s also a consistent pattern from Trudeau, where his virtue-signalling words have absolutely ZERO connection to his actions and the actions of the government.

And unfortunately, the same media that the Trudeau Liberals failed to defend in China often focuses only on his words, allowing him to reshape his image despite his actions never matching up.

While much of the media is biased, it’s still unacceptable for them to be banned. The Trudeau government should have lived up to their rhetoric, and refused to have Morneau speak until the media was allowed to attend. But that would require actually connecting words and actions, something the Trudeau government has no interest in doing.

Spencer Fernando