WATCH: Anti-Oil Sands Campaign Funded By Rich Americans, Is About Hurting Canadian Energy Industry, Not Helping Environment

Highly respected researcher Vivian Krause reveals what’s really going on with the groups trying to keep Canada out of the global energy market.

In a recent interview, highly respected Canadian Researcher Vivian Krause revealed what’s really behind the campaign against the Alberta Oil Sands.

Krause explained that the so-called ‘Tar Sands Campaign,’ is funded in large part by wealthy Americans – including the Rockefeller Brothers Fundwhich is stunningly hypocritical considering the Rockefeller fortune was made from oil.

As Krause points out, the campaign – which includes money going to the Tides Foundation – is not about the environment, it’s about locking Canada out of the global oil market.

And guess who that benefits most?

The United States.

It benefits US oil companies, who have less competition from Canadian firms, and benefits the US overall, since our lack of pipelines in Canada forces us to sell oil to the US at an absolutely awful price discount, costing us billions.

So, rich Americans are using Canadian activists as pawns, convincing them that they’re fighting for the ‘climate,’ when they’re actually fighting for American elites.

The interview with Krause is certainly worth watching and sharing, as more and more Canadians need to hear what she has to say:

Spencer Fernando

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David Lloyd

In other news dog bites man

Ken (Kulak)

Vivian has been exposing this corruption and fraud for years and is a hero. It is sad and pathetic that our federal government and some provincial governments are also aiding and abetting this destruction of our energy industry.


A short list of self-proclaimed fake environmentalists: Soros ( Open Borders ) finances Tides who finance Tides Canada who finances Dogwood Someofus Goodearth Leadnow Packard Foundation Rockefeller Brothers Dogwood ( they brag about influencing the last election for Trudeau and against Canada. At one point they listed the Ridings they had spent a lot of foreign money in and not just in BC. ) Most claim to be in love with trees and bears and Orcas and salmon when they are really intent on destroying the Western Canadian economy. I have confronted them here in parking lots where they… Read more »


Not just US money, Saudi money too. Wonder if money is donated to Liberals and NDP and Greens to keep our oil from the world and our prosperity.

Eric Blair

Notice that this interview originated at Global News. Would we have had such an interview either from CTV or the CBC? Not likely and definitely not likely from the CBC, not if they want Trudeau/Butts’ blessing. I believe Global News is gradually coming over to our side or at least offering some balance in its reporting. Good for them.

shawn harris

Trudeau is just another puppet to be played with by the rich and powerful American elites.Vivian Krause clearly shows that the powerful American elites, so called environmental groups not only can manipulate Canadian environmentalists but they have had an even easier time with co opting Trudeau to destroy our national oil industry; all in the deceitful name of saving the planet. Until Trudeau is removed from office, Canada’s oil industry and Canadians will suffer greatly. All the while, not one thing will change in regards to the environment, no matter how much Trudeau proclaims to be saving Canada from a… Read more »


Don’t forget about the rich Canadians that are making money off this scam!! Money drives power and power corrupts! Therefore, we must deduce that a) either the Political elite know exactly what they are doing. Or b) they’re really as naive as they appear and really do “Believe” in Unicorns!! My wager is on “a”! Hell bent on destroying whatever gets in their way! All for the mighty dollar! Well you can’t eat if you kill all the workers! If they figure that out we might have a chance? Don’t hold your breath! God Bless! JMO!!


It’s all about the money….billions being pocketed in the US at the expense of Canada. Canadian, BC and Alberta governments are outrageously weak on oil and gas industry. They ignore the fact that the country developed and prospered through our natural resources. The cabal, including Trudeau, wants Canada weak and compliant so it can easily implement its open borders globalist strategy.

Gonzo the Magnificent

It’s good this message is starting to circulate a little more. This is no secret however but most people are not aware.
Thanks to Spencer, maybe more of Canada will see the real game here.

Ivan Hawkes

Anti oil protesters are willing to dangle from a bridge in their feeble attempt to stop shipping, or they may be just sign carrying & yelling protesters hanging banners. Either way, MANY of them are PAID to take on these tasks. Paid by big money Americans who profit in a “giant” way by stopping the Canadian oil industry from shipping product to other nations. Hiring protesters is well spent money and cheap labour too, compared to the profit made. The wages of these so called activists are a pittance, a drop in the bucket. If these protesters are Canadians, they… Read more »