Bureaucrats Behaving Badly: Busted Doing Drugs, Hiring Spouse, & More

Under law brought in by the Conservatives in 2007, the Public Services & Procurement department must disclose instances of wrongdoing.

The federal department of Public Services and Procurement Canada has – as required by law – released info on wrongdoing in the department.

Two employees were fired after using a ‘cannabis derivative’ and giving it to co-workers.

In another case, a government worker gave a contract to a company owned by a family never, and to a past colleague.

In that case, the government did not say whether the individual was fired.

Another worker pretended to work from home, but instead worked on their private business – while being paid by the taxpayers. That also required other employees to work longer, racking up higher overtime costs.

In yet another case, an employee hired their spouse.

As noted on the government disclosure website, “The investigation found that an Employee placed herself in a real conflict of interest by soliciting and participating in the process leading to the hire of her spouse as a casual worker. The investigation also revealed that the Employee placed herself in an apparent or real conflict of interest by using her position in an attempt to secure longer term employment for her spouse and by taking part in various other work related aspects of her spouse’s casual employment.”

The process of dealing with that employee is still ongoing.

It’s worth pointing out that we wouldn’t know about any of this if it weren’t for a law passed by the Conservatives in 2007 that upped whistleblower protections and required disclosure of wrongdoing.

Spencer Fernando


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