Democrats Demanding Changes To NAFTA Replacement

Incoming chair of the powerful Ways and Means Trade subcommittee says changes will need to be made to get Democrats to vote for it.

With the Democrats winning a majority in the House of Representatives in the recent midterm election, the fate of the NAFTA replacement deal is in their hands.

And they’re telling the Trump Administration that changes will have to be made if the agreement is to be approved by the House.

Bill Pascrell, a New Jersey Congressman who is set to become the head of the powerful Ways and Means Trade subcommittee, said of the NAFTA replacement deal that there must “be not only changes in the legislation but more enforcement.” 

Bloomberg notes that there is likely to be accommodation for the concerns of the Democrats:

“Democrats’ concerns wouldn’t require a major rewrite of the deal and likely could be addressed by putting strong “enforcement mechanisms,” especially over labor and environmental rules, in the U.S. law that brings the deal into force, said Pascrell.”

In a move that could benefit Canadian workers as well, the Democrats want tougher enforcement of rules requiring Mexico to improve workers rights. If that leads to higher wages and more comparable labour conditions in Mexico, it will reduce the cheap labour advantage Mexico has used to bid for new car plants and could at least slow the exodus of manufacturing from Canada and the US into Mexico.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube