FORD FIGHTS: “I Would Rather Have The Endorsement Of Kathleen Wynne Than Patrick Brown”

Defends Vic Fedeli & Lisa MacLeod and slams ‘disgusting’ ‘lies.’

In the wake of Patrick Brown’s new book, which includes criticism of Vic Fedeli & Lisa MacLeod, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is fighting back.

Ford slammed Brown, saying he would rather be endorsed by Kathleen Wynne.

And he staunchly defended Fedeli and MacLeod.

Here’s what Ford said:

“I would rather have the endorsement of Kathleen Wynne than Patrick Brown. The lies in this book are disgusting. To suggest that one of our Ministers would fake a mental illness is dangerous and cruel.”

“Minister @VictorFedeli is one of the most honourable, ethical, and decent individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working with. I stand behind him completely from this disgusting smear campaign. He has my full support. See his statement below.”

“I stand behind @MacLeodLisa 100%. She is an absolute champion as a Minister and as a mental health advocate.”

Spencer Fernando