Liberals Share Video Taking Credit For Trade Deals That Were Almost All Negotiated By The Conservatives

More deception.

The Trudeau Liberals are continuing their efforts to deceive the Canadian People.

Take a look at this video shared by trade minister Jim Carr on Twitter:

“14 trade agreements
51 countries
1.5 billion consumers
9.3 trillion $ in combined GDP

We are diversifying Canada’s trade partners and exporters because this is how we create jobs & growth. It’s #TimeToDiversify. #cdnpoli”

Here’s the thing.

Almost all of those trade deals were set up by the Harper Conservatives.

The Liberals attempt to deceive was called out by Conservative MP Erin O’Toole:

“Cool graphics, but what is missing is the recognition that all of these major trade agreements were negotiated by Conservative governments. In fact, the Liberals have weakened each of these deals especially the poor terms in USMCA.”

Liberals blame Harper for things Trudeau did, then take credit for things Harper did.

It’s interesting how the Trudeau Liberals are willing to take credit for things Harper did well, when they blame him for things he didn’t even do.

For example, the Liberals have blamed Harper for the Khadr payout, blamed him for the budget deficit, and blamed him for the lack of pipelines.

Yet, all of those things are the responsibility of the Liberals.

But when it comes to something Harper actually did do – set up a bunch of trade deals – the Liberals give him no credit, and act as if they did it all.

What a joke.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Liberals blame Harper for things Trudeau did, then take credit for things Harper did. I give the liberals a lot of credit for taking the cons hard work as their own while the stupid conservatives remain silent while the liberals have a field critizing the Harper gov for ‘not doing anything for ten years. I am furious at the meek conservatives asking questions for not defending their record. It seems to me that they are embarrass to show their work. No wonder the liberals are making use of the previous cpc work. Every question period question to Justin Trudeau is… Read more »


stop being so cynical Spencer lol NOT ….givver

Alexander S. Romanchuk

Government to government trade deals are the: NEMESIS IN THE PREMISES!

shawn harris

What can you expect from a government that has been in power for three years now, with nothing to show for all the power they have. After all, what has Trudeau to crow about, the economy is failing, more business are downsizing and leaving Canada, even Bombardier is throwing in the towel, even after getting billions in federal and provincial tax dollars. And now he is forcing us all to pay for his blunders with a massive new carbon tax. With the Liberals, it is always a game, a game of distraction , to blind the voters to the reality… Read more »