Michael Avenatti Arrested For Domestic Violence

Frequent Trump-critic and lawyer for Stormy Daniels was busted by the LAPD.

Michael Avenatti, potential contender for the 2020 Democratic Party Presidential nomination, lawyer for Stormy Daniels, and frequent critic of US President Donald Trump, was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

A spokesman for the LAPD Josh Rubenstein, said the alleged incident took place on the ‘Westside,’ but offered few details beyond that.

According to TMZ, Avenatti screamed “she hit me first” and “this is bullsh*t” over and over again.

Avenatti is believed by many to have unwittingly helped the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, after his insane accusations against the judge caused the smear campaign against Kavanaugh to look like a total farce.

Avenatti was a frequent guest on mainstream media panels, who turned him into a media star despite his lack of substance or credibility.

He remains in custody at this time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

There’s an old saying – If you bite the bear, it’s very likely the bear will bite you. It seems to explain this situation quite well.


hahahah why was the writing on the wall ??? big mouth biten back

Dave Bainard

Casting the first stoned bounced back harder.


In custody where he belongs with all the other fake lieberals.

don morris

“The woman must always be believed”. Hillary,Justin,and Avenatti all said that, so……….