Patrick Brown Rips Into Everybody In New Book

Says his former colleague Vic Fedeli “dodged a bullet” on sexual misconduct.

Patrick Brown is ripping into everybody in his new book – particularly his former PC colleagues.

The book is called ‘Take Down: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown.’

And in the book Brown lashes out at his former colleagues, including saying that Vic Fideli – the current Ontario Finance Minister – “dodged a bullet” in terms of a sexual misconduct allegation.

Multiple media outlets are now reporting that Fedeli was investigated over allegations against him made by a former worker at Queen’s Park.

Fedeli – who said he wouldn’t have signed Brown’s nomination papers after the allegations against Brown – was (according to a leaked letter and press release draft) almost accused of inappropriately workplace conduct over a period of 12 months.

Then, when Brown was accused, Fedeli said “I believe the women,” and refused to let Brown run for the PCs.

Here’s what Brown said about it in his book, which has been reported on by Global News after they were given an advance copy:

“He believed the women? I was surprised at Fedeli’s cavalier, holier-than-thou attitude, given that he knew full well that he may have dodged a bullet himself. A little-known fact is that in December 2017, I received a hand-written note from an individual who worked for the party. In that note she accused Fedeli of inappropriate behavior. The letter had been left on my Queen’s Park office desk. While, frankly, the accusations were not anything I could picture being consistent with Fedeli’s character, my personal assessment of him was obviously irrelevant and not enough to disregard the allegations.”

Of course, it must be noted that investigation didn’t end up going anywhere, and the possible accuser had said she wouldn’t part of any investigation. However, according to Global News, she signed a non-disclosure agreement and was given a ‘financial settlement’ upon leaving.

Fedeli has since pushed back:

“These accusations from Patrick Brown are categorically false and without any merit. Facts relating to Mr. Brown’s lack of credibility are well documented and on the public record, as are his motivations in using his book to pursue old grievances.”

The Ontario NDP has called for Fedeli to be removed from his role so an investigation can take place.

Brown says people ‘hate’ Lisa MacLeod

Patrick Brown also slammed Lisa MacLeod, saying “When I think about Lisa MacLeod, I think about a person who is always angry. She was just angry with everything, with everyone and with her situation in life. Members of caucus hated her. If anyone else in caucus went off script the way MacLeod did, they’d be kicked out.”

Adds Brown,  “I had heard that MacLeod had been conspiring against me for some time.”

Brown also wrote that some organizers thought “that MacLeod made up the mental health issues she claimed to have suffered during the nomination races in order to endear the public to her and to make it difficult for her to be defeated in the nomination.”

In response, MacLeod said “I don’t comment on fiction.”

When it came to the issue of mental health, MacLeod said “The comments made by the former Leader of the Opposition regarding my battle with mental health in his book are disgusting and cruel. After much support from my family, friends and medical community, I came forward with my own struggle, that is shared by millions of people across the province. The dangerous claims made in this book will make it harder for children, teens and all Ontarians to share their stories and seek help. It takes courage to speak openly about mental health struggles. Since I shared my story I made it my mission to be a mental health advocate and champion for others who might not have the support that I have. I will not comment further on the allegations he makes in his book towards me, as I will not give any credence to the outlandish claims he has made, except to say they are categorically false.”

An unsurprising spectacle

While it’s rare to see this all laid out so clearly, it’s not really that surprising. This is what political parties are often like. People pretend to get along but often hate each other, there are good people, bad people, and everyone in between, and people make stuff up, lie, jockey for position, and try to take down their enemies.

Beyond all the spin, this is political reality.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube