POLL: Vast Majority Of Canadians Oppose Trudeau-Controlled Stats Canada Taking Our Banking Info

Canadians also rate protecting privacy far ahead of Stats Canada’s dubious claim that they need the data to understand ‘consumer trends.’

A new Nanos Research poll shows the vast majority of Canadians oppose the effort by the Trudeau government-controlled Statistics Canada to take our financial information without permission.

55% oppose the data grab, and 19% somewhat oppose it.

By contrast, just 9% say they support it, while 14% somewhat oppose it.

Combined, that’s 74% against the theft of our info, and just 23% supporting it.

Additionally, the majority of Canadians in all provinces and among all age groups oppose it.

Yet, Trudeau is standing against the vast majority of Canadians, and continues to defend the data grab – spitting in the face of democracy, privacy, and the rights of Canadian Citizens.

The survey also shows Canadians firmly rejecting Stats Canada’s justifications for the data steal.

Stats Canada says they need the data to understand ‘consumer trends,’ but when asked whether understanding consumer trends or ‘protecting the privacy of the financial data of Canadians’ should be the priority, 64% said protecting privacy matters most.

Just 24% said understanding consumer trends was most important, while 12% said they were unsure.

So again, a clear majority of Canadians reject what Stats Canada is doing, and reject the excuse Stats Canada is using to try and justify it.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are supposed to serve the Canadian People, so they should be listening to what Canadians are saying, and shut down the data grab entirely, but they’re doing exactly the opposite.

At this point, it’s clear that the Liberals have no intention of listening to Canadians.

That’s why the Conservatives should go beyond criticizing the government (which they should keep doing), and propose legislation that bans Stats Canada from ever accessing that information.

If Stats Canada feels their info isn’t good, that should never give them the right to take our info without asking us. If they can’t do their job with voluntary info, then too bad for them.

In a free country, citizens should be able to protect our personal information, and the government should help us protect it, not try to take it without our permission.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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People still think the Liberals are the Liberals but they’re not. They are the LIEberals, that are falsely using the name Liberal, and are run by the globalist elite and the U.N.. People need the truth, this personal stolen information is not for Stats Can for Canadians, it is for the U.N. and their elite criminal gangs, to make another post national state that used to be Canada.

F the Fed

Yes, this is all part of a bigger nefarious plan.


Most or some Canadians will remove their money from their bank for safe keeping and put it elsewhere where Trudeau gov can’t get hold of. Spencer, this privacy act will go ahead, jihadi Justin and gov will wait til the public’s fears and topic ha subsided to proceed with his intentions. Remember how reporters looked around to every dime spent by PMSH gov and made a big on the $16 OJ, well, those same reporters probably will be hired to investigate our private lives thinking all the while Privacy Act committee is doing the job. But one way or another,… Read more »


Would the Liberals use that personal identifiable information to manipulate specific areas of the country to their benefit?

EG: 1. The majority of residents in a subdivision in any city don’t run out and buy as much Asian food as the Liberals decide they should, so rapid transit won’t get as much financing help as an area that obeys Trudeau?

2. I didn’t buy a car made in Canada so I might be moved up the list for an audit by Rev. Can.?

I love my Country, but am rightfully afraid of the Liberals.

Wendy Lush

You know the country is in a bad state when you fear your own government. I think we can look forward to a surge in sales of armored home safes.

You know, if StatsCan disappeared tomorrow, the country would function just fine.

Norbert Kausen

Those 9% who do not oppose it are a bunch of uninformed idiots, who have no idea of the ramifications! They are likely only university students, with no savings of their own!

Ivan Hawkes

Hey justin, your prying into our financial lives is way far beyond reasonable, I suggest you BACK OFF!!! In fact i suspect you want to know how much money we have so you can use your “Bail In” law to scoop a ton of our money. You have an AGENDA behind this information grab, you know it and so do we. Your agenda is basically evil and underhanded obviously because that’s all you are capable of. Justin you are a complete failure in pretty much every respect.