DIAS BIAS: Union Representing Thousands Of Canadian Journalists Calls Themselves ‘Resistance’ Against Scheer

How can Canadians trust the media if tons of media employees are represented by a group pledging to defeat the Conservatives?

Jerry Dias – the head of the massive Unifor Union which represents over 10,000 Canadian journalists – is calling himself part of ‘the resistance’ to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

Here’s what Unifor tweeted:

“Unifor’s National Executive Board started planning for the federal election today @AndrewScheer #canlab #canpoli”

And here’s what Dias tweeted:

“We will #StopScheerStupidity ! @AndrewScheer”

As Candice Malcolm noted, it’s a big problem:

“This man heads a union that claims to represent 13,000 Canadian journalists. And he’s declared war against Conservatives in Canada. This is a threat to our democracy and a disgrace to the journalism profession.”

Malcolm is correct. It’s dangerous, and it’s a disgrace.

And it raises the obvious question: How can Canadians trust the media after this?

We keep getting told by the elites that the media is ‘unbiased’ and that questioning the media is unacceptable.

But how can the media be unbiased if tens of thousands of them are represented by a union pledging to destroy the Conservatives?

It’s a total conflict of interest, and it’s why trust in the media is collapsing. People can see past the lies. People can see the bias. And people can see that Conservative Canadians never get a fair shake from the press.

The bias is endemic, and it’s only getting worse, which is why websites like SpencerFernando.com are so important.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

journalism today is like a bad disease in Canada and the USA and the cause is liberalism How can you ever trust a narcissist like the SOB Trudeau

Elizabeth Thorne

I have not listened listen to CBC or CTV for years. I do not need pathetic reporters telling me how to think. So many collaborators and so little time.


Yu tell me where there is freedom of thought & press when the press is bias?everything is out of order.

Brandon Rode

I cant wait to fire trudeau …MCGA

Ron Shaw

Maby defunding the fake CBC media should become an issue we taxpayers democratically vote on , I personally say pull the plug on the lieing bunch of liberal protections and permotters of fake news in Canada- the CBC !


I want the CPC to pledge to defund CBC. Sell them off as was done with Petro Canada which eventually was eaten by Suncor. Neither political party should have a Soviet style Pravda at their disposal to spout propaganda.


In fact, the negative media coverage will be so obvious to Canadians that the tactic will backfire on the socialists/globalists. Candice Malcolm, Lorrie Goldstein, Spencer and dozens of others should form a network to report REAL news collected from the cpc_hq, businesses and the grassroots.


Publish a list of all journalists taking this stance and who they work for. You cannot fight an enemy without naming it. This is a socialist tactic and needs to be exposed. A public boycott is in order. I cannot imagine how they expect to Canadians to support this. Unbelievable. ..


”and its why trust in the media is collapsing” should read ,”and its why trust in the media AND UNIONS is

Norbert Kausen

Vile and despicable!!! The mainstream media now proves itself to be the tool of the global elite, as has been susppected! It is time to disregard all their fake news, because that IS what it is… fake news!

Dale Evjen

Can’t these idiots see that Trudolt & the Lieberals are destroying the country that allows them to live in peace & prosperity?

They want to keep this treasonous government in power?

Aren’t they sopissticated (sophisticated) drinking the liberal cool-aid!!

John Hopwood

I doubt the validity of 10,000 Canadian Journalists and that how ever many there are that they are all socialist queens. They need a way out.

Tricia Mevold

Here we go thinking we are Americans again. There are few real journalists left America. They fled during Obama’s reign !


Simple folks, no one vote Liberal next election.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Agreed on all accounts with Spencer. Diaz is a total hard leftist and he has power.


Apparently a bunch of these journalists are fighting against it. So there’s hope for freedom of speech yet.

Irene Lariviere

From personal experience with this union, there is no integrity or honest transparency. They call your home with automated phone calls telling you WHO to vote for. Recently advised them unless they can care for the men and women in the local they represent in our city, don’t ask for ANYTHING from us.