When Bombardier Is In Trouble, Trudeau Drops Everything To Help. But With The Canadian Oil Industry In Crisis, Trudeau Is Making Things Even Worse

The contrast in how Trudeau deals with Bombardier vs the Canadian energy sector shows his divisive and dishonest governance.

Every time Bombardier gets into trouble, Justin Trudeau is there to help.

Even as their executives continued to fail over and over and over again, and then rewarded themselves big bonuses anyway, Trudeau kept giving them our taxpayers money.

He bailed them out, without getting anything in return. 

He didn’t get protection for Canadian jobs.

He didn’t get commitments to keep top assets in Canadian hands.

And he didn’t get any punishment for the failed executives.

Yet, time and again, whenever Bombardier begged for money, Trudeau dropped everything and ran to help.

Contrast that with Canada’s energy industry.

The Canadian oil sector is in crisis. Oil is trading at horrendously low levels, with industry insiders saying the price for Canadian oil is so low that they’re basically ‘giving it away for free.’

Our country is losing billions, and we are beholden to only one market, the Americans who are laughing at us as we fail to compete with their oil companies and sell them cheap oil, effectively subsidizing their economic growth.

Yet, instead of helping the oil industry like he helped Bombardier, Trudeau has done exactly the opposite. He’s blocked pipelines, rejected pipelines, put regulatory barriers in place, pandered to the radicals, and is now introducing new legislation that will make pipeline approvals nearly impossible.

By doing this, Trudeau is taking sides in the economy, and dividing the country. He sends one message to the East – if a big industry gets in trouble he’ll help, while sending another message to the West if a big industry in the West gets in trouble he’ll not only refuse to help, he’ll make it worse.

And before anyone chimes in and claims that he was ‘helping’ by buying the Trans Mountain Pipeline (which isn’t going so well), just remember that he only did that after his policies made potential investors flee. His anti-energy industry agenda made things so bad, and reduced confidence so much, that people don’t see a benefit to investing in Canadian energy. So buying the pipeline was his last-ditch effort to hide his destructive policies and save a few Western seats.

Whatever Trudeau claims, the reality remains the same, the Trudeau government is keeping their foot on the neck of the Canadian oil industry, while acting like a submissive servant every time Bombardier comes calling.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

Trudeau has the MOST corrupt administration in Canadian politics and will tell everyone I know not to forget what SOB has done

shawn harris

With Trudeau and the oil industry it has always been about “Back to the Future”, just like his father before him , who tried to kill off the oil industry and then nationalise it through the NEP, Justin Trudeau is doing the same thing, only by way of extreme taxes and regulations. Trudeau doesn’t care about anything related to the oil industry , except for the tax dollars it generates, which he desperately need to fund his ever growing massive deficits and never ending bailouts with Bombardier. When Trudeau was talking about balance between the environment and the oil industry,… Read more »

Jill Ward

and canadians have ALLOWED IT, PAID HIM TO DO IT AND REWARDED IT with not a peep!

shawn harris

I agree completely. Maybe when they see the real and true cost of Justin Trudeau’s decision to phase out the oil industry and impose a carbon tax, the voters will revolt and vote him out of office. And when he is finally out of office, it will be a great day for all Canadians.

alan skelhorne

have you forgotten something spencer. its a quebec thing, whatever the companies in quebec need, justin is there for them. even though trudeau is a half n half english n french, he thinks he is pur laine, however, the french people have told him, you are not a real quebecer, this does upset him, so he keeps giving quebec what they want. what i wantis a simple thing, alberta does not give money to quebec. since trudeau n notley continue screwing albertans, alberta should say, enough is enough. we need our money to pay of notleys debts. only my opinion.

Eric Blair

When will the western provinces (except BC for now) and Ontario start collecting all the taxes such as income taxes etc. and give the feds just its share of it just like Quebec does. That way McKenna cannot threaten to withhold health care funding to these provinces as they already have it in their hands. These “have provinces” need to act like Quebec more. If they don’t get what they want then start to the process to leave confederation and see what happens. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Michael Pelletier

Regardless the opinion of the french people his male line goes to France and passes through Kings. He is Aristocracy otherwise he would not have been hand picked for the position he occupies!

Alexander S. Romanchuk

You sound surprised Mr. Fernando! Well don’t be because nothing should surprise you about anything that happens in government these days. Whether it’s the Tories or the Lieberals Bombardier will always be subsidized by the public purse, while at the same time the feds steal our western oil and gas wealth under the dreaded equalization program.


How could anyone in their right mind vote for Justin trudeau in 2019. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

.Peter black

Alberta, SASKATCHEWAN and Ontario and New Brunswick should form a consortium of stakeholders and do ENERGY EAST. To hell with Trudope and Butts. Butts is a radical environmentalist whose goal is to kill Canadian oil.Trudope is his useful idiot

Valerie Joyce

I am a big fan. So are many of my friends. But with all due respect, I was a little disappointed to see Copower advertising on this blog post. I totally understand that you have to make a living, but I know many bloggers do monitor who they allow to advertise on their pages. Just seeing that windmill on the ad turned me off. It seems inconsistent with many of your blog posts.

Eric Holl

Trudeau is not unlike his father Pierre in regards to despising the west also he has a need to push his globalist agenda on climate change and virtue signal about it at every opportunity to the extent western oil and our energy sector is under a clear and present danger of collapse, shame shame on him !

Ivan Hawkes

Justin’s lips are firmly planted on the butt cheeks of Quebec. As well, his lips are also planted on the butt cheeks of the UN. Until the LIEberals are put down, squashed, crumpled and tossed out, Canadians are screwed. The globalist agenda is being crammed upon us in Canada to seriously weaken our nation both socially and economically, and Justin is the main tool toward that objective. Horgan and Notley is just another couple of instruments as well. The left are a destructive force working AGAINST CANADA.

Michael Pelletier

Trudeau and Bombardier are related !