After Unifor Tweet About ‘Resistance’ To Scheer, The Establishment Media Has Been Irreparably Compromised

Any pretense the establishment media may have once had of being unbiased is now 100% gone.

While all of us have seen massive media bias – almost always against the Conservatives – there is generally at least an effort to try and hide how bad the bias is, and to avoid just outright admitting it.

But, as I recently discussed, Unifor head Jerry Dias has blown that all up.

Now, it’s all out in the open.

As Senator Leo Housakos said, at least Dias admits the bias that we all know is there in the media:

“Truly, is anyone surprised that the union representing journalists in this country is openly hostile to the Conservative Party? Unlike some of his members at least Jerry Dias is transparent about it.”

Sensing the immense damage this will do to what remains of media credibility, some journalists have tried to distance themselves:

“I am a member of this union as a condition of my employment and I cannot stress enough how stupid an idea this is for a union that represents journalists. FWIW: I am committed to reporting vigorously and comprehensively on all third party political spending”

“I am also a @UniforTheUnion member, unfortunately. This abuse of their mandate is beyond what the membership expects of them. My dues should not pay for this garbage.”

While it’s good to see some distancing take place, the reality remains that a union representing over 10,000 journalists has now committed itself to taking down the Conservatives.

That means there is zero way the Conservatives can expect fair treatment in the media. In the upcoming campaign, Scheer will have to fight against Trudeau, and the media at the same time.

It’s a serious threat to the stability of Canadian democracy, and all Canadians should stand against Unifor and the bias of the establishment media.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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