After Unifor Tweet About ‘Resistance’ To Scheer, The Establishment Media Has Been Irreparably Compromised

Any pretense the establishment media may have once had of being unbiased is now 100% gone.

While all of us have seen massive media bias – almost always against the Conservatives – there is generally at least an effort to try and hide how bad the bias is, and to avoid just outright admitting it.

But, as I recently discussed, Unifor head Jerry Dias has blown that all up.

Now, it’s all out in the open.

As Senator Leo Housakos said, at least Dias admits the bias that we all know is there in the media:

“Truly, is anyone surprised that the union representing journalists in this country is openly hostile to the Conservative Party? Unlike some of his members at least Jerry Dias is transparent about it.”

Sensing the immense damage this will do to what remains of media credibility, some journalists have tried to distance themselves:

“I am a member of this union as a condition of my employment and I cannot stress enough how stupid an idea this is for a union that represents journalists. FWIW: I am committed to reporting vigorously and comprehensively on all third party political spending”

“I am also a @UniforTheUnion member, unfortunately. This abuse of their mandate is beyond what the membership expects of them. My dues should not pay for this garbage.”

While it’s good to see some distancing take place, the reality remains that a union representing over 10,000 journalists has now committed itself to taking down the Conservatives.

That means there is zero way the Conservatives can expect fair treatment in the media. In the upcoming campaign, Scheer will have to fight against Trudeau, and the media at the same time.

It’s a serious threat to the stability of Canadian democracy, and all Canadians should stand against Unifor and the bias of the establishment media.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Ron Shaw

Defund Canadian CBC fake one sided reporters and dishonest news outlet , news should be non biased non governmental funded , otherwise just fake news , fake reporting by fake unionists , saying or writing anything for a paycheque . Try being a real reporter !


Unions have always been against the Conservatives. They put anti Conservative material on their company bulletin boards, they have hand-outs or if you happen to be a teacher you will get material in your school mailbox.


Thoughtful people were very aware of this, since almost all media is owned by elite globalists, who now have their Unions on board. I quit all my subscriptions to the news which I used to like reading a lot, but now wish this government would stop paying them with our tax dollars and let them either become truthful and do what real news media does, or leave as they are hurting our country with slant and lies as much as the U.N. run LIEberals are doing. At least their union is being truthful about all the corruption and lying and… Read more »

shawn harris

Canada’s democracy must be defended against the threats from unions and others, such as Unifor and like minded citizens, such as Jerry Dias. Unions like to portray themselves as defenders of the workers in Canada and proclaim they are all about bringing about fairness, equality, rights and justice. But in reality, they are only interested in wealth and power for themselves at the expense of everyone else. With Jerry Dias’s threat to be Andrew Scheer’s worst nightmare, he has shown that he is equal to Justin Trudeau when it comes to hypocrisy, deceit and willingness to break the laws, that… Read more »


and journalists must be members of the union . Why ? They shouldn t , but like one tweeter said above ,
”as a condition of employment.”
BRING ON RIGHT TO WORK LEGISLATION ! No one should be forced to join a union, have wages
confiscated and have no control over how the money is spent.
What the hell happened to freedom of choice in this country .


Yes, there are valid reasons to mistrust and even dislike unions. Having experience in both union and non-union productions in the movie industry I can say I much prefer working in a union environment. It is safer, there is more respect and the pay and other working conditions are far superior. While unions can be viewed as another layer of bureaucracy if find them generally more useful and responsive than nearly all government departments. I have also managed to correct union errors by suing them and winning at the labour relations board in BC.

Elizabeth Thorne

Do any of the board members know words like collaborator, sedition, treason?


I think one has to consider how well Doug Ford did in the Ontario election by standing up to the media and telling them to shove it. He didn’t give a damn about being politically correct and stood up for the people, said what needed to be said, and the hell with all who condemned him and accused him of being a homophobe, racist, etc. etc. Andrew Scheer needs to either grow a set of balls or find them. He needs to stop playing nice and hammer that arrogant punk Trudeau over and over again. To be honest, I think… Read more »

Sewer Rat

Your comment cannot be said loudly enough!

Tracy Madden-Legall

Are you serious Frank? Everything Michelle & Pierre do is under the leadership of Andrew ! Andrew has absolutely hammered JT on many many occasions -go look this up and you will see for yourself- (Scheer vs Justin Trudeau in Question & Answer period ) this will bring up a pile of videos you need to see…not only has Scheer hammered JT but he does so with a wicked sense of humor ! The media like CBC and so many others do not cover what Andrew has been doing please realize that !


The article should note that Unifor has 315,000 members. While this is a huge conflict of interest for journalists, this isn’t an uncommon move by a Union to support a party… I doubt they gave any thought to their journalist members (or others for that matter), when they made their decision.

peter black

NOTE ABOUT CANADIAN VOTERS Never have so many been snowed by so few idiots.


Journalists who subscribe to ‘ group think’?! The named ones in the photo are obviously the poorer quality, low paid ones. Journalists, by training, are expected to think for themselves…not like lemmings.Write down their names to be sure not to hire them.

Kean St-Jean

These journalist actions should be controlled by a governing ethical association that insists on unbiased neutrality.

There ought to be a way to rule that this unions actions are not in fact journalism, but rather political activity that falls under the contribution caps.

How much does it cost to staff all these people and generate the content pushed out to the media? This is hardly news. It’s advertised political opinion falsely being sold under a banner of protection of journalism.

All this unions members fee/dues are nothing more than political contributions and ought to be counted as such.


Unions prove again that they are anti-democratic and an instrument for the promotion of socialism/marxism against the wishes of all their members.


“Political clout
After unions played a role in ousting the Harper government in 2015, Dias said the Liberal government appears to understand the influence of the labour movement in politics.”
A quote from a cbc article, it is even more than cbc in the union and the media and automotive industry has way to much influence and government grants.
Here’s the article –

Ivan Hawkes

The OWNERS of media corporations have an AGENDA and only ALLOW certain views to be expressed by so called journalists who will say whatever they are told (to keep their jobs). Truth and reality are sacrificed to ensure a certain views are expressed to the public to steer the peoples opinions. Canadians are seen as being SHEEP to herd and manipulate according to the desires of the corporate media OWNERS AGENDA. You would be right to reject and resent this manipulative conspiracy to twist public opinion based on fiction.