Bombardier Stock Plunges Again

And they’re facing an investigation into a stock sale program by their executives.

The ‘stellar’ leadership of Bombardier CEO Alain ‘Bailout’ Bellemare continues.

Bombardier stock has plunged again, and is down over 12% today as of this being written (11:50 central time).

The stock hit a two year low.

Bombardier’s plunge follows reports that the financial regulator in Quebec – the Autorite des Marches Fiananciers – announced that they are investigating a stock-sale plan by Bombardier executives.

The executives have also been ordered to suspend stock sales.

As noted by Bloomberg, top Bombardier execs are seeking to offload tons of shares.

Bailout Bellemare is trying to sell over 7 million Class B shares, CFO John Di Bert is trying to sell over 4 million shares, and Chairmen Pierre Beaudoin is seeking to sell over 3 million shares.

Its an interesting way to show ‘confidence’ in the company to see top Bombardier execs trying to offload tons of shares.

Despite all the bailout money, it seems the Bombardier executives aren’t good at anything except making themselves rich.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

aren,t these liberals something, first of all it was morneau making a huge profit of his shares, now trudeau gives them 500 million, n they do the lay-offs, i believe its in the neighbourhood of 3000 employees. n they are selling their stocks. wow.

shawn harris

It would seem that Bombardier and their top executives are following in the well worn path, that another former Canadian corporation known as Brex. Both Brex and Bombardier are fraudulent shell companies, existing only long enough to enrich their top executives, while draining the bank accounts of their investors and shareholders. Both promised wealth and riches, but never seemed to deliver , except for those who knew when to get out, before the collapse to bankruptcy came along. Now would be the time for Trudeau to demand the return of all outstanding loans to Bombardier, even if it means collecting… Read more »

Bert McFadyen

We just can’t fix stupid can we!!!!!!!!!

Eric Blair

I would have thought that this was a case of insider trading as defined in Canada. I looked up the definition of insider trading in Canada and it reads that someone who had knowledge of “a material fact or a material change” about the firm “that has not been generally disclosed”. Well a CEO, a CFO and the Chairman of the Board sure would know if the company was in trouble, wouldn’t they? But these guys are “connected” with the powers that be in both Quebec and Ottawa so nothing will come of it.

peter black

OMG how stupid are the regulators. We are looking at a bail prior to bankriuptcy declaration. The Quebec crooks are fleecing us taxpayers. WHERE ARE THE REGULATORS. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. These “execs” should be going to jail for EXTORTION

Mike Allan

I hope most of the Q still has a dislike for trudope.More bailout cash will not help the UN globalist middleboy become more popular with the voters of Canada considering absolutely none for our oil industry the backbone cashcow that pays a lot in transfer payments. I sincerely hope that all and I mean all of the Canadian voters really know what a socialist globalist government is and the damage it will do to sovereign Canada.Take a look at what happened to the UK’s fishing industry just as one example of total loss of freedom.