Hypocritical Trudeau Liberals Attack Conservatives For Opposing Illegal Border Crossings, But They’re Helping Quebec Cut Legal Immigration

An astounding double-standard.

As we all remember, the Trudeau Liberals regularly attack the Conservatives for opposing illegal border crossings.

The Liberals have called the Conservatives ‘hateful,’ ‘fearmongerers,’ and even ‘un-Canadian’ for wanting our borders respected.

Yet, in an example of massive hypocrisy, even as the Trudeau Liberals demonize the Conservatives for opposing illegal immigration, they’re helping the Quebec government cut legal immigration.

As noted by Le Journal de Quebec (article translated from French), the Trudeau government is ‘collaborating’ with the Quebec government in their plan to cut legal immigration after a discussion on the issue:

“It was very positive,” said federal minister Dominic Leblanc Thursday. (The Caquists) have developed a plan in their electoral platform, they will file in the coming weeks, we will work in a very collaborative way. ” “We did not talk about a veto, we talk about how we can work with the Quebec government,” Minister Leblanc said.

Notably, the existing agreement between the province of Quebec and the federal goverment “provides that Quebec must pursue an immigration policy aimed at preserving its demographic weight in Canada. Former Prime Minister Philippe Couillard even spoke of Ottawa’s right to look at the number of immigrants that Quebec is hosting.”

What a double-standard.

When Conservatives talk about stopping illegal immigration, they get demonized by Trudeau. Yet, when Quebec talks about cutting legal immigration, the Trudeau government is glad to work with them.

Keep in mind, I have no issue with the new CAQ government making changes to immigration. They ran on it, and won on it, and jurisdictions should have the right to control immigration levels.

Of course, considering how the Trudeau Liberals are massively increasing immigration nationwide, immigration cuts in Canada means even larger increases in the rest of the country.

The issue is with the hypocrisy of the Trudeau government. If the federal Conservatives talked about cutting legal immigration, and if they brought up ‘preserving’ ‘demographic weight,’ they would be absolutely ripped to shreds by the establishment media and the Liberals. They would be called every bad name in the book. They would be demonized relentlessly.

Yet when a government in Quebec talks about it, the Trudeau Liberals just go along with it.

The hypocrisy is sickening.

Spencer Fernando

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