PHOTO: Seattle Resident Thanks B.C. For Cheap Canadian Oil Imports

“Your gift to us, around $100 million per day Canadian, is greatly appreciated. We marvel at your generosity, while doubting your sanity.”

In a recent letter to the editor brought to my attention by @demikal1 on Twitter, Adam Lloyd from Seattle said ‘thank-you’ to B.C. for blocking oil pipelines and ensuring that the U.S. continues to benefit from cheap Canadian oil.

Here’s what Lloyd wrote in the letter titled “Thank-you B.C. for oil discount.”

“Thanks to the citizens of B.C. who seem once again to have blocked an oil pipeline to the coast. Those of us living south of the border will continue to enjoy importing your oil at substantial discounts while exporting our oil from gulf ports at world-market prices. Your gift to us, around $100 million per day Canadian, is greatly appreciated. We marvel at your generosity while doubting your sanity. All of this will have zero impact on global climate, of course.”

A photo of the letter is below:

BC oil discount

Lloyd’s letter is true. The lack of pipelines in Canada is causing severe damage to Canada, doing nothing for the climate, but is certainly helping the United States.

Basically, we’re subsidizing economic growth in the United States, while holding back growth in our own country. It makes us a laughingstock.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Just another example of the Stupidity of both the Federal and B.C. Governments. Both run by Idiots! The U.S. has Realized and are Laughing at the fact that Canada has become a Very STUPID Country since the Liberals and the NDP are at the helm! God Help Us!

Ivan Hawkes

Obviously Canadians are easy to bribe. paying otherwise unemployed Canadians to protest costs American profiteers a pittance but brings them huge profits. The protesters are betraying their own country for their little bag of silver (Judas style). However it must cost a lot more to bribe a politician. Hey Mr. Horgan, how much are they paying you off to BETRAY Canada and Canadians??? Obviously you couldn’t care less about the damage being done to the economy of Canada, the drop in health care, the drop in our ability to deal with infrastructure upkeep, the strain on the educational system, etc.… Read more »