The Unifor Boss Is ‘Resisting’ Scheer. He Also Wants Trudeau To Bail Out The Media.

How could that possibly go wrong…

The already-pervasive anti-Conservative bias of the media was made even clearer, after Unifor boss Jerry Dias – who represents over 10,000 media workers – called himself part of the “Resistance” and Andrew Scheer’s “worst nightmare.”

And adding to the disturbing level of bias, is the fact that Jerry Dias wants Justin Trudeau to bail out the media:

So, Dias represents thousands of journalists. He says he’s the ‘resistance’ to Andrew Scheer and wants to defeat the Conservatives. And he wants Justin Trudeau to bail out the media with taxpayer dollars.

We can see how dangerous that is.

And with some reports saying the Trudeau government is planning to provide more ‘support’ to the media, the already-biased establishment press could get even worse.

It’s really a nightmare scenario: An entire media edifice that is openly beholden to the Trudeau Liberals for their financial survival, staffed by over 10,000 people under the control of a union that wants to destroy the political opposition.

That’s not supposed to happen in a free and democratic country, but it’s where Canada appears to be heading.

If you want to fight back against that, help support websites like and other alternative media sources. Only by helping to strengthen alternative voices can we overcome the influence of the biased establishment.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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10.000 plus union U.N. run LIEberals out of work, without our tax dollars (or more debt) to pay for Trudeau’s brainwashing lying advertisements. and anti Scheer and Conservative lies. I hate to think of all those people out of work but these media rags need to go unfunded, these are not Canadian people, they need to go down they are corrupt.
Support Spencer Fernando and other honest non union reporters, the truth must get out.

Marcel H Matte

Conservatives are too nice. Have we not all heard the axiom,’Nice guys finish last’? Andrew Scheer is Mr. Nice Guy, not wanting to offend anyone, always looking for words which minimize offense at the expense of confidently, strongly and succinctly articulating a conservative principle. The media owns Scheer and the CPC right now because Scheer and the CPC are deceived believing the main stream media is objective and works from the same moral framework, that it can be persuaded to see things the conservative way. They don’t understand that the main stream media is about money and power, not principle….so… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

So, now it IS out in the open… the main stream media IS pushing out FAKE news!!! It is happening in all western countries, most likely courtesy of George Soros and other globalists! I will not listen to any main stream media anymore! They lie to us and they are communist propaganda tools!

Norbert Kausen

The government has NO business “bailing out” the news media!!!

Gonzo the Magnificent

The government has no business “bailing-out” any one!




Unifor does some good work, specifically providing an alternative to “international” (read: “American”) unions. Not all Unifor members are leftie zombies; they are some of the brightest people in the country. Speaking from personal experience, bright people are more likely to see danger coming. Voting for Scheer and Canadian sovereignty are only common sense. If the Unifor leader can’t understand that, he is not following Unifor’s mandate and he will be replaced, as will Turdo.