Trudeau Says “I Never Take Selfies” As He Takes Selfie At Grave


During a visit to Singapore – ostensibly about trade – Justin Trudeau took some time to look into his connection to Singapore.

He joked that he had high cheekbones and ‘tanned dark’ because of his connection to the country.

He also jokingly said “I don’t take selfies, other people take selfies,” as he took a selfie at the grave of a family member.

A video report on Trudeau’s ‘highly productive’ visit can be watched below:

Notably, while Trudeau is out of the country talking about trade, his government refuses to take action on the biggest trade crisis facing Canada – the unbelievably low price of Canadian oil compared to our competitors.

That lack of focus on substantive issues – as opposed to selfies – is a big reason why so many Canadians have no confidence in Trudeau. After all, the actions of the Trudeau government are a big reason for the crisis facing Canada’s oil industry today, and instead of dealing with that, he’s globetrotting once again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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Tim Chapman

In all fairness Trudeau has a bunch of photographers on paid high alert to take photos of him constantly. What he should have said is “I don’t NEED to take selfies, I have taxpayer paid photographers to do that”. But then I digress, then he’d actually be telling the truth for once.


His “tanned dark”, whatever the heck that is, likely comes from his Cuba connection. Why no local costumes or dancing?

Wendy Lush

“Tanned dark”… Isn’t that what Berlusconi said about Obama?
Trudeau likes to THINK he’s Obama (selfies, town halls, rolled up sleeves) but he comes off like a 12 year old punk totally out of his league.

Beverley Campbell

Real men don’t even know that their cheekbones have a name, also real men wouldn’t be caught dead taking a “selfie”.


What can you say He is a fool.


Before He was just a Mental Midget but now he appears to be falling farther into his retreat from REALITY !

Brandon Rode

The crime minister of Canada has serious mental problems …including liberalism

Wendy Lush

Just like Obama, JT never met a camera he didn’t like. What an insufferably vain man. Always putting himself in the spotlight, as if he has something important to say. He doesn’t.

Sewer Rat

I wonder what justin would think about oil products, if the pilot came on the PA system while flying over the middle of the Pacific, stating that they had no more fuel?


We can live in hope

Richard Courtemanche

All it took was a simple mind to destroy our country.


They’re not called selfies. They’re “irregular” camera angles

Al Lariv

Most 12 year old kids in my class are more mature than him.