Bombardier Stock Fell A Whopping 20% On Friday

It was their worst week in 30 years.

The failure of Bombardier’s executives continues.

Despite repeated bailouts, and despite compliant governments constantly signalling their willingness to prop the company up with taxpayers cash, Bombardier still struggles.

With projections for future earnings weakened, and with a stock-sale plan by their execs now facing investigation, Bombardier stock plunged a whopping 20% on Friday, November 16th.

It was their worst week in 30 years.

Taking a look at Bombardier share price data compiled by Bloomberg gives a sense of how bad things are for the company.

Their stock ended Friday at just $1.67 a share, down 42 basis points.

On Thursday, it was at $2.09.

On Wednesday, it was at $2.25.

A week ago, it was at $2.65.

A month ago, it was at $4.02.

Its peak for the year was $5.41 on July 13.

What a disaster.

Yet, they may still get bailed out again, with the Quebec government saying they are prepared to ‘invest’ more in Bombardier.

And amid all of this incompetence, Bombardier’s executives keep getting huge bonuses, rewarding themselves at taxpayer expense for their endless failures.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Shaw

As long as the tax bailout monies is Quebecers monies I couldn’t give a rats ass , but the minute it comes out of my western no pipeline tax dollars account , then get stuffed Bombardier , just another eastern liberal elitist bailout to a company that can’t compete in an open world market . And while I’m at it defund the lieing CBC media for its untruthful reporting on Canadian fake news then of course there’s Canada Air , another bunch of unionists playing hide and speak with Canadian tax monies to keep them afloat . Bottom line guys… Read more »


Bombadeer and CBC – Without massive Government welfare support, neither would exist. CBC should live on it’s own in the real world or change to a subscription basis. Canadians simply cannot afford to support CBC, Bombadeer and Hamas all at the same time.

William Roberts

There isn’t enough money on the planet for Drama Boy to give away.