Protests Across France Against Macron Carbon Tax Hike

Over two-thirds of French citizens back the protests against Macron’s tax hikes, and his approval ratings have collapsed.

In a warning of what is likely facing us down the road in Canada under Trudeau’s destructive policies, there are massive protests in France as the backlash to Emmanuel Macron’s carbon tax hike grows.

Over 240,000 people took to the streets, blocking roads in protest against the hikes which have caused fuel prices to surge.

It’s called the ‘yellow-vests’ movement, and has the support of more than two-thirds of French citizens.

Macron has been cast as the “president of the rich,” slamming regular people with tax hikes while he and the elites live in luxury.

Macron imposed the hated-tax hikes in an attempt at social engineering, raising the price of fuel to get people to buy ‘greener cars.’ Of course, most people can’t afford tax hikes at all, especially not fuel tax hikes, and people need to be able to afford driving the car they already have.

The backlash to the Macron carbon tax has been massive, sending Macron’s approval ratings to depths even worse than his widely-hated socialist predecessor.

This is also a warning for what could be in store for Canadians. If Trudeau gets re-elected the carbon tax will go up and up and up, causing the price of fuel and everything else to skyrocket.

The only way to stop that from happening is to ensure that Justin Trudeau is defeated in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Absolutely, Trudope should be defeated. The ONLY Canadians who would vote for this Lying, Treasonous, Good for Nothing PM are Canadians who definitely need their heads examined. What Macron has done with the Carbon Tax in France, with the Majority of France’s Population protesting is exactly what our Imbecile PM is attempting to do. After all, birds of a feather stick together!


In October 2019 lets hope for a complete Liberal flush…


Nice that the people are finally seeing that piece of garbage Macron for what he really is…hopefully Canada will wake up and follow suit. It’s time to phase out Trudeau.

Don Taylor

I trust that real Canadians love their country and a vote for the Turdeau Liberals will end the country we loved,don’t forget that !

Major Tom

Macron probably needs the money to pay for the weapons for the imbedded Jihadis……

Ivan Hawkes

Though huge numbers of Canadians hate and despise Justin and his irresponsible reckless ruining of Canada and the financial abuses he dumps onto Canadians. As Spencer Fernando states, IF Justin has any influence on Canada’s future, we will see the cost of living go through the roof without limit. Justin GIVING AWAY BILLIONS is only part of our downfall, rising costs of EVERYTHING we need to live because Justin’s so called carbon tax jumping higher and higher will destroy many families and businesses. People and small business are struggling now just to get by. Sky rocket cost of living will… Read more »

shawn harris

Trudeau has never had an original thought in his very vacant head, for if he had any ability to examine and reason, the actions of socialists like Macron, he would never follow in Macron’s footsteps, with a very much hated carbon tax. Can anyone recall Trudeau ever actually speaking the truth, especially when he is challenged on facts, reality or the beliefs of Canadians. Also taxes can’t solve a science problem, only science and technology can. Even Trudeau knows this, but he needs the money to cover his totally outrageous spending problem. Trudeau is in for a very big defeat… Read more »