VIDEO: Stop Saudi Oil

Buy Canadian.

Saudi Arabia is a country that is governed by values 100% opposed to what Canada stands for.

And they’re an economic competitor in the oil sector.

Yet, despite our own gigantic oil reserves right here at home, Canada absurdly buys tons of oil from Saudi Arabia.

It’s time for that to stop.

Canada can’t be a truly free and independent nation if we fail to use our own oil and are dependent on oil from countries like Saudi Arabia.

For nearly two years, I’ve been calling for Canada to stop buying Saudi oil, and support for that idea seems to be growing.

Watch the video below which was shared by Brad Wall on Twitter, where Ontario Proud shares a message about the need to Stop Saudi Oil:

“Canada’s inability to export oil to market is now a crisis, resulting in Canadians losing millions each day that could be going towards funding hospitals, schools, and roads. Maybe it’s time we thought about doing something like this.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Andrew Scheer has repeatedly stated that is what he wants to do, get the pipelines built across Canada and use our own oil, fiscally fix and unit Canada so we can be a nation again with borders and legal immigration, law and order back etc. but as we are all aware the press ignores almost everything he has said. The lieberal U.N. mainstream press, now also supported by lieberal unionized workers and reporters, Tax paid, at taxpayers expense lieberal advertisements socialist corruption, they will push Bernier (one of theirs) over the Andrew Scheer Conservatives, to break the vote so Trudeau… Read more »

.Peter black

It’s so simple. energy East is sitting right in our lap and Liberals gag on Kinder Morgan. Both Ontario and Quebec the original killers have new govt’s. Let’s kill Saudi oil and much more importantly the Texas discount. Would somebody please calculate the VALUE ADDED attributable to Energy’ East. It’s a simple calculation – I. Just don’t have the data but I know the 10 year number is in trillions. How stupid can we be. Our suppliers are laughing their heads off and getting rich. Many Americans in the industry cannot believe we are so stupid.