WATCH: Scheer Says Trudeau Sees Regular Canadians As “The Enemy”

Scheer says slams Trudeau and his top advisors in speech to Ontario PC Convention.

During a speech at the Ontario PC Convention, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed the Trudeau carbon tax.

Here’s part of what he said:

“What about you? What about all those people who have to drive to work, have to commute, to take their kids to activities, what about the small and medium-sized businesses that have to make payroll with higher regulatory costs? They don‘t get a special break. To Justin Trudeau, you are the enemy. The commuter, the office worker, the hockey mom, the retired senior. Those are the people that are getting dinged by this carbon tax, that’s why it’s unfair.”

Scheer also pointed out that Trudeau’s top advisors are the same people who helped drive Ontario into the ditch:

“The very same Queen’s Park Liberals who left Premier Ford and team with the mess that they’ve inherited have moved on to Ottawa and are trying to do the same to Canada that they did to Ontario. We can’t let that happen.”

Scheer’s full speech can be watched below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Go Andrew Scheer and Go Doug Ford! Get Canada back for Canadians! Get those oil pipes built, get rid of the fake U.N. carbon tax, get our education systems back etc.

Norbert Kausen

It is Trudeau and his vile, reprehensible gang of miscreants, who are the REAL enemies of Canada and Canadians!!He is systematically destroying Canada, with the full intent to sell us to the global elite and to the Chinese. He is also detroying our economy with that exact goal in mind! He is also invading our privacy to learn what we, as Canadians have in our accounts, how we spend our money andwhere… and THAT has some very serious nefarious overtones! This falls lockstep with the bail-in legislation the liberals have passed as well as other legislation…