Brad Trost Blocks Unanimous Consent For Absurd Virtue-Signalling Motion In Parliament Condemning Doug Ford’s Francophone University Cut

The Ford government also cut three English language universities. Why aren’t the virtue-signalling politicians in Ottawa complaining about that?

In the wake of the out-of-touch elites going crazy over some spending cuts in Ontario – which are necessary cuts since the province is facing a massive budget deficit left over by the Liberals – the virtue-signalling politicians in Ottawa tried to pass a motion condemning Doug Ford’s decision to cut the Francophone University and make changes to the French language commissioner.

They wanted unanimous consent for the motion, meaning it would have passed without opposition and somehow be spun as representing the will of Parliament.

But, instead of going along with the absurd virtue-signalling, Conservative MP Brad Trost blocked it, denying unanimous consent for it.

“Brad Trost denies unanimous consent for a motion to denounce Doug Ford’s cuts to French language commissioner and French university.”

It’s unfortunate that any MPs – including any Conservatives – were willing to go along with the virtue-signalling motion in the first place.

It’s disgraceful.

Why didn’t they condemn the cuts to English language universities in Ontario?

Why didn’t they criticize Quebec for the restrictions placed on English in that province?

And why didn’t they pass a unanimous motion condemning the foreign money coming into the country in an effort to destroy the Canadian energy industry?

The double-standard is outrageous, and it’s good that at least one MP was willing to stand up against it.

Spencer Fernando


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Norbert Kausen

Good to see there is an actual conservative who will do the right thing! Congratulations to MP Brad Trost!

Ron Voss

Was Bernier in the House?

shawn harris

Since Brad Trost has shown real courage and conviction by standing on principle, maybe his actions will open the eyes and ears in other politicians. We desperately need more politicians to find the same courage and convictions and to stand on principle and not allow themselves to cowed any longer by political correctness and false virtuousness. Because if more politicians don’t take a positive stand like Brad Trost, then our democracy will become nothing more than a hollow shell, meaning and signifying nothing. And Canada and Canadians will the much worse off for it.

Al Bundy

Good job Brad. Unfortunately however, the CPC aren’t at all conservative. They aren’t being called “liberal lite” for no reason. Sheer is a liberal in blue clothing, as are most of his MP’s. The only true conservative option in Canada is Maxime Bernier and the PPC. I hope this becomes clearer as the election draws closer.

Ken (Kulak)

Good for Brad Trost.


Good for Brad. He’s one of the very few MPs left with any integrity!