If The Oil Industry Was In Quebec, Trudeau Would Have Already Approved 50 Pipelines And Bailed The Industry Out 10 Times Over

Money taken from Albertan wealth generated by the oil industry helps fund generous social programs in Quebec, yet the Trudeau government has no trouble bailing out Bombardier while putting their boot on the throat of Alberta energy.

As we’ve seen before, every time Bombardier runs into a bit of trouble, the Trudeau government bends over backwards to throw taxpayer money out the door and into Bombardier’s hands as fast as possible.

The Trudeau government – and previous Canadian governments – were also happy to approve of a so-called ‘equalization’ formula which takes billions of dollars away from Albertans and gives it to Quebec, allowing Quebec to finance extremely generous social programs.

Yet, now that the Alberta energy industry is facing a severe crisis – with the Western Canadian Select price gap reaching historically bad levels – Trudeau is not only refusing to take action, but he’s making things far worse.

If people think things are bad now, then we can only imagine what will happen when Trudeau’s Bill C-69 takes effect. The legislation will make pipeline approvals even more difficult than they are now (AKA nearly impossible), and will drive even more investment out of the Canadian oil sector.

What makes this so insulting to Alberta, and Western Canada, is that we know Trudeau’s response would have been totally different if the oil industry was heavily concentrated in Quebec.

If Quebec was facing a crisis in such a key industry, Trudeau would have approved 50 pipelines, and bailed the sector out at least 10 times. We know it’s true.

This isn’t some sort of attack on Quebec. A real government would be willing to stand up for all core Canadian industries, which includes the Alberta oil sector, the Ontario auto sector, and the Quebec aerospace sector. I have no trouble with the government helping to protect jobs in those sectors – on the essential condition that they are helping them all, not just some.

But what Trudeau is doing is risking national unity and tearing the country apart, because he’s supporting one sector – Quebec aerospace – while weakening another – Alberta oil.

It’s divisive, and it’s a total failure of leadership, and Albertans – and all Canadians – deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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