POLL: Bernier & Singh Trail In Their Ridings

NDP Leader would lose if byelection were held today in Burnaby South.

As leaders trying to displace the top two parties in Canada, Maxime Bernier and Jagmeet Singh now face challenges in their own ridings, according to a new Mainstreet Research poll.

The news is worst for Singh, who still doesn’t even have a seat in the House of Commons.

Singh – who lives in Ontario – is running in the B.C. riding of Burnaby South. According to the poll, 35.9% of respondents in Burnaby South say they will vote Liberal, 29.3% say they will vote Conservative, and 27.2% say they will vote for Singh.

A loss by Singh would be devastating for him, since his leadership is already being questioned amid horrible fundraising numbers and weak polls.

Bernier – the leader of the new People’s Party of Canada – is in a better position, but also trails in the Beauce riding. Conservative Party candidate Richard Lehoux leads there with 37.9%, with Bernier at 34.7%.  That is within the margin of error, so it’s possible that Bernier trails by more, or has a narrow lead, but either way it shows that he will be in for a fight in his own riding, even as he tries to build a new political party.

Spencer Fernando

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I hope that the people who are going to vote Conservative will not vote for Mr Bernier, it will split the vote. I truly believe that Maxime Bernier does not care about his country, if he did, he would not go against the Conservative party, he is doing it for spite only. If people want to get rid of the Trudeau and the liberals they have to vote for Mr Scheer, he’s the leader of the Conservative party.


I hope that people who are going to vote Conservative will do enough research to make a decision based on their core values and not simply to rid the country of an evil wannabe dictator. If everyone got a backbone and stood for real conservative values we would still rid the country of the moron. Some people speculate that Bernier does not care about his country. Really, how do you know that, it’s just speculation, no one can read minds. Ever consider that he cares a lot and therefore stepped up to the plate while others try and stay somewhere… Read more »


Im sure Max cares about the country plenty, but his approach to this new party is terribly misguided. He joined the CPC at a time where the Center-right and Populist parties of the country came together for the common good. He signed up for this on day 1. The CPC is 15 years old. To give perspective; the Liberal Party of Canada is 151 years old. Now Max doesn’t like whats happening in the CPC because he lost a leadership race and couldn’t maintain his influence in the party membership. Cry me a river Max. Max being an astute politician… Read more »