REPORT: Israel To Reject UN Global Migration Compact Scheme

Move follows the withdrawal of multiple countries – including the US, Czech Republic, and Hungary – from the UN scheme.

The UN Global Migration Compact, which moves towards taking away national sovereignty and centralizing control over immigration policy in the hands of unaccountable supra-national institutions, has been rejected by another country.

Israel is planning to leave the compact, after discussions with both the U.S. and Hungary on the issue.r

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said “We are not in favor of the Global Compact on Migration in principal and probably we will not be part of it.”

While the globalist European Union, and elites in the U.K. and Germany had tried convincing Israel to stay in the UN scheme, some of Israel’s closest allies, particularly the U.S. and Hungary, were able to make a more convincing case.

It’s no surprise that Israel would reject the pact. After all, Israel – despite being by far the most free and democratic nation in the Middle East – is regularly slandered and attacked at the UN, and anti-Semites around the world try to hide their hatred behind the UN’s constant anti-Israel vendetta.

So, rejecting a UN scheme that takes sovereignty away from individual nations is a smart move.

Canada should do the same, and leave the UN scheme immediately.

Unfortunately, the globalist Trudeau government always enjoy selling Canada out to supra-national institutions, and they promote the increasingly-corrupt UN every chance they get.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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