Trudeau Government Likely To Give More Taxpayer Money To Establishment Media

Measures to ‘help’ the ‘news industry’ are expected in the upcoming economic statement.

The Trudeau government is expected to exert more government leverage over the establishment media, by spending more taxpayer dollars on the ‘news industry’ in the upcoming economic statement.

The statement will be released on Wednesday, and as noted by the CP “The federal government is expected to lay out fresh plans next week to support Canada’s struggling news industry. The measures, expected in Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s fall economic statement Wednesday, will be designed to help journalism remain viable after years of shrinking advertising revenues.”

Of course, one reason much of the establishment media is struggling is because people can see through the horrendous bias of much of the media.

We saw that most recently as the head of Unifor – which represents over 10,000 media workers – pledged to oppose Andrew Scheer and defeat the Conservatives in the next election.

Obviously, there can be no trust in the establishment media when their workers are beholden to a union attempting to destroy the main opposition party and help the Liberals.

The Trudeau Liberals have already announced $50 million in taxpayer funding for the media. This funding makes the media beholden to the government – and particularly to the Liberals. Since they know that the Conservatives are less likely to spend taxpayer money on media bailouts, the media has a financial incentive to defeat the Conservatives and elect Liberals.

So, with that media bailout money set to increase, the bias will get even worse, and the media will become less of a safeguard for democracy and more of a mouthpiece for the state.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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