WATCH: Doug Ford Won’t Back Down, Pushes Back Against Elites’ Deception On University Cuts

There are over 300 French courses in Ontario that aren’t being filled says Ford.

With the elites going crazy over Doug Ford’s cancellation of the Francophone university in Ontario, the Premier is refusing to back down.

While most politicians would have bowed down to the elites attacks, Ford is pushing back.

As Ford pointed out, there are 300 French courses in Ontario universities that aren’t being filled.

He also noted that the budget also cancelled 3 English language universities.

Interestingly, the elitist media hasn’t complained nearly as much about those cuts.

Once again, Ford shows toughness when most politicians show weakness.

You can watch Ford’s comments below:

“Premier Ford @fordnation defends his govt’s decision to cancel plans for Francophone university; says there are 300 french courses already that aren’t being filled, and blames previous Lib govt’s hefty deficit for having to cancel”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter