WATCH: Doug Ford Won’t Back Down, Pushes Back Against Elites’ Deception On University Cuts

There are over 300 French courses in Ontario that aren’t being filled says Ford.

With the elites going crazy over Doug Ford’s cancellation of the Francophone university in Ontario, the Premier is refusing to back down.

While most politicians would have bowed down to the elites attacks, Ford is pushing back.

As Ford pointed out, there are 300 French courses in Ontario universities that aren’t being filled.

He also noted that the budget also cancelled 3 English language universities.

Interestingly, the elitist media hasn’t complained nearly as much about those cuts.

Once again, Ford shows toughness when most politicians show weakness.

You can watch Ford’s comments below:

“Premier Ford @fordnation defends his govt’s decision to cancel plans for Francophone university; says there are 300 french courses already that aren’t being filled, and blames previous Lib govt’s hefty deficit for having to cancel”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ralph Knapp

Doug Ford is, once again, right on with this decision. At this point in time, A French university in Toronto, is a losing proposition. Ontario already has a major losing proposition (the debt) to deal with courtesy of Liberals.

don morris

Bravo to Doug Ford, the only politician in Canada who has the courage to do what must be done. Too bad he isn’t the federal CPC leader,but then we’d probably have the entire msm collapse from apoplexy.


Good for you Doug Ford. You do what’s best for Ontario.
Make sure as well Doug that public schools that offers ‘muslim prayers should also offer Christian prayers like the Lord’s Prayer and the Rosary.

Eric Blair

So Quebec has a 1$ billion surplus and Ontario has a $15 Billion structural deficit and the elites want a french language university in Ontario. What gives? The common sense thing to do is to suggest that if students want a university education all in French then head to Quebec for it after all they a surplus paid for by the have provinces and their university education has the lowest tuition fees in Canada. No wonder Chretien said during the referendum campaign that Quebec gets more out of Canada than it puts in but left it at that given no… Read more »

alan skelhorne

this is what i have said, alberta should not be sending 8to12 billion a year to keep them in canada.

shawn harris

Doug Ford is absolutely right to stand on principle, to not pander to every ethnic group in Ontario. Especially when the demand for french language courses are going unfulfilled. After all, no other ethnic language group in Ontario is complaining about not having a university built for them or for not having 300 course provided for them either. Also , turn this scenario around and think about Quebec , since they along with Trudeau are the ones complaining the most, where are the equivalent services and english language courses,in Quebec?. And if Quebec had decided to cancel all english language… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

Good for Premier Ford.


I amnative french speaking and I totally agree with Ford…if they dont register , why are additional facilities required …good for Ford