Auditor General Shreds Trudeau Liberals Over CF-18s

And of course, the Liberals are blaming the Conservatives.

The Auditor General shredded the Liberals over their plan to keep flying the ancient CF-18s until 2032.

Michael Ferguson says the government can’t meet either our NORAD or NATO commitments:

“The fighter force could not meet the requirement because National Defence was already experiencing a shortage in personnel, and the CF-18 was old and increasingly hard to maintain.”

There’s a 22% shortage in technical jobs for CF-18s, the country is losing pilots faster than they can be replaced, and the report also noted that many of the technicians don’t have the necessary qualifications.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and the Liberals have blamed the Conservatives for the issue, saying they inherited the problem.

In the video below, Sajjan responded to the report:

What’s interesting about Sajjan’s response is that he provided absolutely no real details on a plan to fix the problem. ‘Identifying’ a problem is easy, fixing it is what takes real leadership

Also, Sajjan and the Trudeau Liberals have had three years, but even now their plan is being ripped to shreds by the Auditor General. Not only have they done nothing to fix it, but things have gotten even worse.

How can they still be blaming the Conservatives after all that time in power? And if they can’t fix problems, how can they possibly ask to be re-elected with any credibility?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Don Taylor

The Trudeau Lieberals,NEVER take responsibility for any thing,they ALWAYS try to blame some one else


Just like the four useless second-hand subs Jean Chrétien’s Liberal government bought from the British navy in 1998 for $750 million which turned into 4 big piles of crap…. Liberals equals Wile E Coyote waiting for the next anvil to drop.

shawn harris

The Trudeau Liberals love to pretend that they aren’t responsible and therefore shouldn’t be held accountable for their problems. Also any problem they say they inherited, becomes their problem at that point in time. The Trudeau Liberals are a useless lot as to governing Canada, since they prefer to complain loud and long about their problems being created by the previous Conservative government. Well complaining about any problem, never fixes the problem and since they are the government and can’t seem to bring themselves to fix any problem, let alone the replacement for antiquated and useless fighter planes, then they… Read more »


I just wonder how many Canadian Pilots will lose their lives because of this decision? But then, they have a habit of mis-treating our Arm Force personal.

Don Piche

Is anyone else getting tired of hearing this exact same worn-out nonsensical excuse EVERY SINGLE TIME??!!!


P.M.HARPER had F-35’s on order.and put down millions to secure Aircraft sales….his reasoning was 9 of our alies have them….Makes sense. Trudeau scraped the deal as soon as he could …forfieted the millons payed..Then he went after our Military.and vets….He does not want Canada Armed!!!


Sajan and Trudeau are so incompetent. I weep for our country under these treasonous imbeciles.

Peter Wilson

Lieberals have never ever backed the military and this is simply another example. We need Conservatives back in power to develop Canada – All Turdeau has done while in power is give taxpayers money away overseas with no accountability for where it wound up – Probably in third world dictators Swiss bank accounts.