Auditor General Shreds Trudeau Liberals Over CF-18s

And of course, the Liberals are blaming the Conservatives.

The Auditor General shredded the Liberals over their plan to keep flying the ancient CF-18s until 2032.

Michael Ferguson says the government can’t meet either our NORAD or NATO commitments:

“The fighter force could not meet the requirement because National Defence was already experiencing a shortage in personnel, and the CF-18 was old and increasingly hard to maintain.”

There’s a 22% shortage in technical jobs for CF-18s, the country is losing pilots faster than they can be replaced, and the report also noted that many of the technicians don’t have the necessary qualifications.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and the Liberals have blamed the Conservatives for the issue, saying they inherited the problem.

In the video below, Sajjan responded to the report:

What’s interesting about Sajjan’s response is that he provided absolutely no real details on a plan to fix the problem. ‘Identifying’ a problem is easy, fixing it is what takes real leadership

Also, Sajjan and the Trudeau Liberals have had three years, but even now their plan is being ripped to shreds by the Auditor General. Not only have they done nothing to fix it, but things have gotten even worse.

How can they still be blaming the Conservatives after all that time in power? And if they can’t fix problems, how can they possibly ask to be re-elected with any credibility?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter