Despite Quebec Cutting Immigration, Federal Government Is Giving Them $50 Million More

The funding goes up every year, and can never go down.

Quebec’s new government is planning to cut immigration by 10,000.

Common-sense would dictate that less immigration means less of a need for immigration funding from the federal government (excluding separate funding for dealing with illegal border crossers).

Yet, there’s very little common sense in the federal government.

Because of a deal between the federal government that was implemented under the Mulroney Conservatives, Quebec’s immigration funding from the federal government is not tied to their overall immigration numbers. Rather“the money goes up in line with the overall increase in the federal budget and the rise in the arrival of non-francophone immigrants in Quebec.”

As noted by the CP, Quebec’s immigration funding has gone from $226 million in 2009, to $490 million. And it’s going up by $50 million more. And while “Quebec has an added challenge in settling immigrants because many don’t arrive speaking French, but there is no doubt it receives more money per newcomer than other provinces under this deal.”

For example, the government spends $5,500 per immigrant/refugee. But Quebec’s funding will rise to $13,500 per immigrant/refugee by 2019.

Once again, we see that the federal government skews a disproportionate percentage of our tax dollars to Quebec, while the source of much of that funding – Alberta – has their biggest industry strangled by federal regulation.

How much longer will people put up with this?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube