Ford Calls On Trudeau To Cancel Small Business Tax Hikes, Scrap Carbon Tax

“Prime Minister, on behalf of the people of Ontario, I am calling on you to do your part to make Ontario, and all of Canada, more open for business,” said Ford.

The Ford government in Ontario is calling on Justin Trudeau to scrap his tax hikes on small businesses, allow business to fully expense their capital assets, and cancel the carbon tax.

This comes as the federal government is set to release an economic update, at a time when Canadian businesses are struggling to get investment and are unable to compete with businesses in the United States.

Here’s what the Ford government said in a release:

“Today Premier Doug Ford, joined by Vic Fedeli, Minister of Finance; Attorney General Caroline Mulroney; Peter Bethlenfalvy, President of the Treasury Board; Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks; and Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, called on the federal government to put jobs first in its upcoming economic update.

“Prime Minister, on behalf of the people of Ontario, I am calling on you to do your part to make Ontario, and all of Canada, more open for business,” said Ford. The Premier called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to roll back federal tax increases on small business, answer Minister Fedeli’s request to allow businesses to fully expense capital assets in order to stay competitive with companies in the United States, and to not impose a carbon tax.

He also pointed to how Ontario’s economic update includes measures to make life more affordable while taking responsible measures to reduce the deficit.

“We promised to make life more affordable for families and consumers,” said Ford. “That’s why we’ve introduced one of the most generous tax credits for low-income workers in a generation.”

The Low-Income Individuals and Families Tax Credit, or LIFT, means that most people earning under $30,000 would not pay Ontario personal income tax, with graduated savings for those making just over that amount.

It’s part of how Ontario’s Government for the People is delivering $2.7 billion in tax relief to individuals, families and businesses.

The Premier also addressed the government’s efforts to find efficiencies and deliver savings to taxpayers — efforts that have already resulted in $3.2 billion in savings.

“We owe it to our kids and grandkids to protect public services and make sure those services are there for them down the road,” said Ford.”

Spencer Fernando

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don morris

Meanwhile,the MSM is concentrating on Ford cancelling the funding of a French school.

shawn harris

Trudeau looks upon the problems of small Canadian businesses as though they were a drowning man and can’t understand why the man is asking more more help and refusing the anchor he throws at them. Businesses, when they find their business is drowning in debt and slow sales, they don’t try and borrow more money or continue to raise prices, they cut back on expenses. All to keep their business afloat. But somehow Trudeau has this twisted belief that he can just raise their taxes and regulations and this will, make their businesses more prosperous. All the while ignoring the… Read more »


The reality is that he is trying to break the economy so he can make Canadians dependent of government jobs and tax-generated welfare.

Don Taylor

The Trudeau Govt is the biggest roadblock to a prosperous and safe country for all Canadians