If Trudeau Had Any Sense, He Would Listen To Harper On Immigration

Support for legal immigration depends on the government stopping illegal immigration.

The Trudeau Liberals are taking the most destructive possible approach to immigration.

They are simultaneously increasing the yearly immigration numbers by a massive amount (33% in just three years), while refusing to enforce our border laws and allowing lots of illegal border crossers to enter – and stay – in the country.

As a result, support for legal immigration has fallen to record lows, which is entirely predictable.

When a government refuses to enforce our laws, and when that government allows people to violate those laws and cross illegally, then citizens will understandably refuse to trust the government to handle legal immigration.

And former PM Stephen Harper has explained the situation accurately:

“Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he has “no time for illegal immigration,” because it turns people against legal immigration, which is a boon for the economy and potentially electorally for the Conservative Party.

“As I have told other leaders in other countries, no illegal immigration system or phenomenon will ever be popular with a mass of people. It just will not,” said Harper, in a wide-ranging conversation on the Ben Shapiro Podcast on Sunday.

Harper said he’s “fundamentally pro-immigration,” and that his record in government reflects that, but that “immigration has to be legal” and “is not a right.”

Harper is correct, and if Justin Trudeau really cared about maintaining support for the legal immigration system, he would listen to what Harper is saying.

But it’s become quite clear that Trudeau doesn’t care about supporting legal immigration. He cares about looking like he supports legal immigration, which is a very different thing.

Instead, Trudeau is playing a very dangerous and divisive game. He’s purposely taking actions that reduce support for legal immigration, then using deceptive spin to lump illegal and legal immigration together as the same thing, and then demonizes anyone who questions his policies.

He’s trying to create a crisis, and he’s trying to create anger, so he can campaign against that anger and falsely cast himself as the only pro-legal immigration candidate in the country.

Trudeau’s dangerous game must be exposed and defeated, otherwise Canada’s already-fraying unity will weaken even more, and our once-successful immigration system will be fully wrecked.

Spencer Fernando


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His deliberate support of illegal immigration and intentional failure to secure Canada’s borders has made the Canadian Passport nothing much more than very expensive scrap paper. It isn’t even recyclable. He is being racist against Canadians when he invites illegals into Canada with little if any control, yet subjects law abiding Canadians scrutiny and possible searches, charges and arrest at legal Border crossings.


If Trudeau had any sense, he would be in his native country putting out all the fires that are spreading. This guy is truly not playing with a full deck of cards.

We have the pipeline issue where Canada is loosing 80 million$ and we have the postal strike.
And our “LEADER” is no where to be seen! Truly remarkable.


I think Harper was just reiterating to Shapiro what Harpers ”Right here right now” book says. I carefully read the entire book (far more then many of its Liberal critics will ever do) and recommend it to all , not just Canadians.In fact the book was clearly written more for non-Canadians then anything. Its an honest and concise short read on contemporary big picture issues including immigration , globalism and so called populism. The chasm that divides the intellect between Harper and Canadas current Pm cannot be overstated. Its shocking . I always said Trudeaus got the intellect of a… Read more »


They are doing this because they have adopted and are implementing the century initiative, 100m people by 2100, and mass immigration is the only way to achieve this. Among other horrible consequences, this will completely destroy any chance of reducing emissions.

Elizabeth Thorne

Justine, the great divider needs to be trounced at the polls in 2019, for the good of Canada.

Norbert Kausen

He will not listen to Harper as he is a globalist and is fully behind the globalist agenda to destroy sovereign nations and have them replaced by post-nationalist territories, dictated to by the global elite!


Harper is bang on as he usually is. I’m not a fawning fan of Harper’s but I recognize him as a patriot. Intellectually, he is a giant compared to the current disaster, Trudeau. He surrounded himself with mostly competent cabinet ministers in contrast to bobbleheads Morneau, Hussan, Goodale, Sohi, Mckenna, Sajan, Blair, the two pipsqueaks from the maritimes. None of this turmoil would have materialized under the Harper government.

Ivan Hawkes

Justin CARES NOT about Canadians or the economy of Canada. Justin created this immigration problem on purpose and has no intention to rectify it. The globalist UN agenda takes priority in Justin’s miniature mind, and the serious problems facing Canada because of the LIEberal mishandling and irresponsible actions matter not to Justin. People crossing the border who have criminal intent simply disappear into cracks around Canada. Justin won’t care about the Canadians who face the repercussions of crimes because of some of these illegal abusers. Life in Canada will become far more expensive and difficult as this continues.

tommy hawk

Your first five words of the article say it all and clearly demonstrate that Trudeau is what he is — an elitist fool, hellbent on the destruction of the finest country on the planet in which to live dd– at least it was before this buffoon was elected. The opening of our borders which he was so proud to announce is, by any dictionary definition an act of treas — plain and simple. The fact that no one in the ‘legal community’ has the balls to make that point is an indication that all too many of those individuals harbour… Read more »