Liberals & NDP Want Conservatives To Face Investigation Into Possible Election Law Breaches

Elections Commissioner Yves Cote asked to look into the Conservatives connections to Toronto developer Jiancheng Zhou – a former Liberal donor.

Both the Liberals and NDP are asking for Elections Commissioner Yves Cote to investigate the Conservative Party’s connections to ‘Ted’ Jiancheng Zhou – a Toronto developer who has set up “10 Chinese-Canadian conservative non-profit organizations.”

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “Mr. Zhou, a former Liberal donor who has condominium projects in Canada and China, set up Chinese-Canadian conservative groups in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario as well as a national organization called the Federation of Chinese Canadian Conservatives (FCCC). The stated purpose of the FCCC is to assist the “Conservative Party to develop new members; disseminating ideas and policies of the Conservative Party; assisting the Conservative Party to educate and train candidates, party members and to develop volunteers.””

The concern expressed by the Liberals & NDP is that Zhou’s group could be used to go around the campaign spending limits.

However, the Conservatives have denied any formal connection to Zhou’s effort:

“The FCCC is playing no role for the Conservative Party of Canada or the Conservative Fund, no caucus members are involved in the FCCC. As far as Mr. Zhou is concerned, he does not have a role either in fundraising or organizing on the party’s behalf … He has organized the FCCC as an independent group of Chinese Canadians who want to promote conservative values in their community.”

Zhou also says his group has no formal connection to the Conservative Party.

However, the formal Canada Elections Chief – Jean-Pierre Kingsley – thinks there should be an investigation:

“It raises the questions about collusion and these are matters that should be looked at frankly in order to satisfy Canadians that the financial provisions of our status – which makes Canada a leader in this field – are being respected.”

Motives of Liberals & NDP are suspect

The motives of the Liberals & NDP are suspect in this case, as both of those parties have faced their own election law related troubles. They are also likely concerned about the Conservatives potentially gaining support in the Canadian Chinese community, and want to block any groups that are seeking to get more people to vote Conservative.

That said, this should still be looked into. If the Conservatives plan to be different, and if they plan to restore some accountability to government, then they need to show that they are following the laws. Otherwise, more and more people will come to the conclusion that ‘all politicians are the same,’ which always helps the party that’s already in power.

Spencer Fernando

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Cor malloy

So typical of Libs and NDP ganging up on Conservatives. What about the Liberals giving our money to Hamas ? Whats happening to that investigation ? The Conservatives should be keeping that in the news as its far more dangerous and against our Canadian values !!!

Elizabeth Thorne

Yes and let us also have an investigation into Soros and the amount of money that has come into Canada by way of his many “little” groups. Oh and let’s not forget the Muslim Brotherhood.


Thank you FCCC the Conservatives are the only real party left in Canada that is FOR Canada. Since the Lieberals are supported by many foreign sources and tax payers are paying for their Lieberal mainstream media advertisements and slants and outright lies, and Unions AGAINST Canada. The U.N. etc. run Lieberal/ndp puppets made laws to allow this for themselves and they are going to run the nastiest election ever, stated by Trudeau, this lieberal/ndp program is just starting. Also like in the USA, they are quoting Stalin’s remark, that the people can vote for whoever they want, it is the… Read more »


This good. Check things out. Investigations are also needed regarding the influence the Muslim Brotherhood and the NCCM have on Trudeau and his Liberal Party. An investigation is also warranted on why UNIFOR has declared open warfare on the Conservative Party of Canada, using manipulation of the Media union members. The CBC and CTV have clearly moved to the side of the Liberals and Trudeau is giving them more tax money. It isn’t any stretch to assume they will be sucking up to the Liberals.

Trudeau is dangerous.


Will election Canada investigate into the Union taking money(dues) from Canadians without their permission to endorse and support the liberal party? Why did the union use my dues to promote a liberal party when I’m a conservative? How about Hilary Clinton funding Justin Trudeau’s foundation? The list goes on and on and so far the election commissioner HAS BEEN SILENT. A dog can give a bone to the conservatives and the EC, media will all go rabid over this. Chinese community don’t need to be told which party they can support. The liberals and ndp have the media’s help to… Read more »

Gonzo the Magnificent

I hope this isn’t true. ALL PARTY’S NEED TO WATCHED!


As you said. Conservatives should agree to investigation. Be transparent.
Sounds like the Liberals are bitter that they lost their rich supporter.

shawn harris

Trudeau said that the next election was going to be the dirtiest and most nasty election. Well so far he is off to a roaring start and is living up(rather down) to his own self fulfilling prophecy. So this new allegation of election law violations is just another step by Trudeau towards rigging the election in his favour. After all,Trudeau has already changed the elections act to be in his favour , with restrictions on how much a party can spend, and increased the amounts that can be spent by the same third party groups that got Trudeau elected last… Read more »

Glen Aldridge

Sounds like The Liberals & NDP are doing the old diversion tactic so their parties ethics aren’t too closely investigated. Funny how this comes right when both parties are on the brink of being tossed & The Conservatives are an assured win for the next election.


The country needs to shine a spotlight on this as well as money flow to and from the Islamic Groups by Liberals. RCMP investigation of Trudeau funding to Hamas must come first. This latter issue is one of treason and far more important than a Chinese Canadian leader rallying his community to Cnservative cause.