Rempel Says Conservatives Would Pull Canada From The UN Global Compact On Migration

Criticizes Trudeau ‘propaganda campaign.’

Conservative MP & Opposition Immigration Shadow Minister Michelle Rempel says a Conservative government would pull Canada from the UN Global Compact on Migration.

Rempel says Canada shouldn’t sign the agreement.

Here’s how Rempel explained it:

“By allowing nearly 38,000 people to enter Canada illegally from the safety of upstate New York then claim asylum, Trudeau has undermined the integrity of Canada’s borders. Canada’s borders should not be compromised by abuses of our asylum system, and should not sign this compact.”

Someone asked if Rempel was guaranteeing the Conservatives would pull Canada from the UN agreement if they win the 2019 election.

Rempel said ‘Yes.’

“Yes (thread). Even though the agree’t is non binding, Trudeau has already implemented many of its principles (the Roxham Road expedited illegal entry program, his recently announced propaganda campaign) – we would reverse these changes and restore order to Canada’s system….”

“The global community needs to more directly and concretely address challenges associated with illegal migration. The UN itself has refused to acknowledge it needs to reform the prioritization process it uses to select and refer refugees, for example.”

This is a good move by the Conservatives. While Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and the Trudeau Liberals push for the Compact, our country needs people standing against it.

Canada must remain in control of our immigration system, and we need to reject any agreement that starts shifting that control out of our country toward the UN.

The more people hear about the UN Global Compact on Migration, the more they dislike it, and we need to keep getting the truth out to as many people as possible. It’s a bad deal for Canada, and it must be rejected.

Spencer Fernando

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