REPORT: Trudeau Government Willing To Order Canada Post Back To Work

Fear of angry Christmas shoppers pushes government to take action.

The Trudeau government says that if a special mediator can’t bring the Canada Post strike to an end within a few days, they will impose back to work legislation and order Canada Post employees back to work.

Here’s what Employment Minister Patty Hajdu shared on Twitter:

The move would certainly anger some unions, but the Liberals are clearly more worried about the rising anger among Canadians as mail is constantly delayed.

And with Christmas just around the corner, a nation full of angry Christmas shoppers isn’t something the Trudeau government wants to be dealing with.

So, it seems that within a few days the strike will be wrapped up, one way or another.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Piche

Now if only Canadians could order Trudeau&Co. to work as well…(without any “personal days” off).


promise made does not mean promise kept


Trudeau will probably only do it because an election is coming up. Otherwise he doesn’t give a *uck about Canadians.