SURE… Trudeau Liberals Claim Stats Canada Didn’t Tell Them About Scheme To Take Our Financial Data

But they’re still defending it…

The Trudeau Liberals are claiming that Statistics Canada didn’t tell them about their plan to take the private financial data of Canadians without consent.

The Liberals are claiming – somewhat dubiously – that they only found out about it through news reports.

As reported by David Akin, “Navdeep Bains, the Trudeau cabinet minister responsible for Statistics Canada, said he first learned of the federal agency’s controversial plan to harvest the financial transaction data of potentially millions of Canadians as a result of media reports and not, as the law requires, in a written notification from the country’s chief statistician.”

The problem with this claim is that it makes the response of the Trudeau government seem very strange.

If it’s true that they were never told about it, then why is Trudeau defending the data steal?

And if it’s true that the head of Stats Canada didn’t follow the law in terms of notification, then why hasn’t the government taken steps to remove him?

Not only has the government not taken steps to remove the Stats Canada head Anil Arora, they’re defending him.

Here’s what Bains said:

“I think that Statistics Canada is a world-class statistical agency. It has a lot of respect internationally and within Canada as well … and I have a lot of confidence in the chief statistician.”

So, this all looks like an effort by the Trudeau Liberals to distance themselves from the massively unpopular data-steal plan, while doing nothing to stop the plan, and defending those who want to take our financial data without asking us.

In other words, it’s another scam from a dishonest government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube