As Illegal Gun Crime Surges, Bill Blair Is Instead Spending His Time Attacking A Conservative MP For A Fundraiser With Law-Abiding Canadian Firearm Owners

What a joke.

Canada is currently witnessing a surge in illegal gun crime under the Trudeau government.

And as always, the approach of the statist, big-government Liberals is to take more rights away from law-abiding people, instead of focusing on criminals.

That was made immensely obvious in the recent brouhaha over an event held by Conservative MP Rachael Harder. The event was called ‘Guns & Guinness,’ featuring law-abiding Canadian gun owners going clay shooting and then going for beers in a separate venue afterwards.

Obviously, there’s no problem with any of that. It’s law-abiding Canadians choosing to attend an event. That’s it.

But for Bill Blair, apparently it’s a big deal.

He took time out of his (busy?) schedule to contact the Toronto Red Star and say the event was “deeply disappointing” at a time when Canada is “seeing record levels of tragic homicides involving firearms.”

To put it kindly, Blair’s statement is total garbage.

None of the gun crimes in the country are being committed by law-abiding Canadian sport shooters. People attending a Conservative fundraiser are not criminals. And worst of all, how the hell does Bill Blair even have the time to focus on this?

It’s insanity. Canada is seeing a surge of gun crime, and the public safety minister is spending his time attacking law-abiding Canadians attending a political fundraiser?

It makes Blair look like a joke, but it’s also concerning. And it’s concerning because it shows the mindset of the Trudeau government. Instead of dealing with criminals and focusing on the real problem, they are using the surge in gun crime to try and score political points and take rights away from people who follow the law.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to demonize law-abiding Canadian gun owners and scapegoat them for the rise of gun crime, even though they are not the perpetrators of that crime. Blair’s attack on a political fundraiser is just the latest in that demonization effort, and it won’t be the last of it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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