Combo Of Unifor Union ‘Resistance’ & Trudeau’s $600 Million Media Bailout Ensures Conservatives Will Face Unprecedented Bias In 2019 Campaign

Not only will Conservatives have to overcome the Liberals, they’ll have to overcome an entire media establishment machine desperate to crush Justin Trudeau’s opponents.

The Conservatives always face a headwind from the establishment media.

Having worked for two student newspapers and spent time among many people who now work for establishment media outlets, I’ve seen that – while most reporters and media workers aren’t consciously biased – most of them tend to be pretty left-wing people, and as a result the media as a whole becomes a generally anti-Conservative institution.

However, two things that took place in the past week have ensured that the level of bias is about to go through the roof.

First, there was Jerry Dias, the head of the Unifor Union that represents over 10,000 media workers, who announced that he and Unifor would the ‘The Resistance’ to the Conservatives and ‘Andrew Scheer’s worst nightmare.’

Then, there was the Economic Update on Wednesday, where the Trudeau government announced a $600 million taxpayer-funded bailout of the establishment media.

Notably, Dias has previously called on the federal government to give the media more taxpayer money, and now Trudeau has obliged.

So, what we see now is the already institutionally-biased media now beholden to a union leader who wants to destroy the Conservatives, while also now being heavily incentivized to ensure that the Trudeau Liberals get re-elected.

As you can imagine, this will take the level of media bias to unprecedented levels. If we were in the United States, people would be going crazy talking about “collusion,” except in this case it’s collusion between the Liberal government, a massive union, and the media machine.

This is what Trudeau had in mind when he said the next election will be the most negative ever. An unprecedented level of bias and attacks are going to rain down on everyone who opposes him.

Spencer Fernando

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This will make Jerry Dias the most powerful single person in Canada. Together, he and Trudeau are well on their way to destroying democracy and freedom of speech in Canada. I am afraid their is violence on the horizon, courtesy of Justin Trudeau.

Gonzo the Magnificent

And we deserve the destruction because we do nothing! There is no way – in Canada – that violence will come to any real degree; this is Canada.


Spencer, does Jerry Diaz have a job of his own like most Canadians do from sunup to sundown and does he pay heavy taxes like the rest of us OR does he live off the public’s union dues from whom many of them are conservatives and NDP or belong to any party afflation? I think we need to show Canadians where our union dues go to like paying and supporting the jihadi Trudeau liberal party without our permission and knowledge.


Let the liberals unifor and the media all face the Hell which they all put us through even though we are facing it already and if Canadians want their country back from hell, have to show it, feel it, see it and demonstrate it, but don’t expect the conservatives do the job alone. The hush paid welfare reporter will not allow the conservatives any leeway to undo jihadi Trudeau treasonous work. Either we take charge of our country or just allow Trudeau continue take us down. It is up to us not conservatives.

Eric Blair

These handouts/bailout will be given to “trusted” media but how much will each get? We all know that the Toronto Star will be getting the biggest helping but what about the National Post or the Sun Group of newspapers? They cannot be given anything otherwise they will make a big stink about it or they could be given a much smaller amount than that given to the Star and others of that ilk. Maybe part of the bargain will be to not tell how much you got. And what if, for instance, the National Post, Conrad Black’s newspaper, decides to… Read more »

Anne Davison

I work for a small newspaper, in a town of 3300 people. I say – regarding Trudeau’s media tax breaks – take the money and vote for the … right candidate. We’re beholding to no one. Surely journalism and our parent publishers cannot be bought!


Nice thought, but I’m afraid that wouldn’t be what would happen … you’re assuming the left has a conscience … have not seen that displayed yet!