Doug Ford Says Ontario Will Fight Trudeau Government’s “Outrageous” Invasion Of Canadians Privacy

“We can’t allow this outrageous invasion of privacy.”

Opposition continues to grow towards the Trudeau government-controlled Stats Canada’s plan to invade the privacy of Canadians.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says it can’t be allowed, and an Ontario PC MPP is introducing a bill to defend the privacy of Ontario residents:

“The federal government wants to collect personal banking information from 500,000 Canadians. We can’t allow this outrageous invasion of privacy. @stcrawford2 has introduced a Bill to prevent the government from obtaining personal information from Ontarians without their consent.”

“Today I am proud to announce my Private Members Bill, Safeguarding Our Information Act, 2018. If passed this Bill will require that government institutions requesting to obtain personal information, may only disclose information if the consumer consents.”

This is a good move by the Ford government. All Canadians need to stand together and oppose the Trudeau government.

After all, if the federal government won’t defend our privacy, then that government has no right to govern in our name or take away our tax dollars.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter