Doug Ford Says Ontario Will Fight Trudeau Government’s “Outrageous” Invasion Of Canadians Privacy

“We can’t allow this outrageous invasion of privacy.”

Opposition continues to grow towards the Trudeau government-controlled Stats Canada’s plan to invade the privacy of Canadians.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says it can’t be allowed, and an Ontario PC MPP is introducing a bill to defend the privacy of Ontario residents:

“The federal government wants to collect personal banking information from 500,000 Canadians. We can’t allow this outrageous invasion of privacy. @stcrawford2 has introduced a Bill to prevent the government from obtaining personal information from Ontarians without their consent.”

“Today I am proud to announce my Private Members Bill, Safeguarding Our Information Act, 2018. If passed this Bill will require that government institutions requesting to obtain personal information, may only disclose information if the consumer consents.”

This is a good move by the Ford government. All Canadians need to stand together and oppose the Trudeau government.

After all, if the federal government won’t defend our privacy, then that government has no right to govern in our name or take away our tax dollars.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Gonzo the Magnificent

Me’s thinks Ol’ Dougie is going to be a real thorn in Trudeau’s butt end for how ever long Trudeau is in. Hoorah!!!!!

Brian Dougan

That’s great. However; how will the bill be enforced? Trudope does as he pleases.


Nice to see a political leader who refuses to be bullied and has the desire to protect his citizens


Those who don’t stand up are on the take!


Thank you Doug Ford and Conservatives, these fine honest people FOR Canada should be our Federal government protecting Canadians, instead of selling us out like this U.N. controlled Lieberal puppets are doing. How much has Stats Canada made off our private info sold around the world, millions, I wonder whose pockets these unethical LIEberal puppets are putting their ill gained wealth into.

D. Jerome Hauk

Scheer is MIA again. What is happening to the Fed Cons?
Ford is doing Scheers job- thankfully, soneone is.

Ivan Hawkes

I wish I could send tools to to Mr. Ford to help “fight” Justin on his outrageous invasion of Canadian’s privacy, among other outrageous topics Justin has created. If only Mr. Sheer could stand as strong and bold as Mr. Ford.


Please remember that The fed Conservatives are being attacked by the media, for the tax paid owners (U.N. run LIEberals) Andrew Scheer has been in the house and online condemning this invasion of Canadians privacy, and many other things, – stupidly the Lieberals have a majority, we need more truthful positive press for the Conservatives. You can get info on what they are trying to do from more honest media sites like Spencer there are even American sites supporting our Conservatives.

Major Tom

We’ve seen his socks! Does his thong bear the hammer and sickle?

David Henley

Thank you mr. Ford. Where are the Federal Conservatives???


Doug Ford is the BEST thing that has ever happened in Ontario!